University Seeks Science Professor Who Can Be Anything but a One-Spirit Man With a Penis

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We’re living in an age of identity.

Case in point: The University of Waterloo is searching for a new assistant science professor.

Here’s how the March 21st online ad reads:

The Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo is seeking an exceptional scholar and researcher to fill a Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Tier 2 Canada Research Chair and tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor with an anticipated start date of 1 July 2022.

The person had better know their stuff:

The Faculty is looking for candidates with a PhD or equivalent in the fields of geography, earth and/or environmental science and sustainability, planning or a related discipline. … Evidence of an active research program with emphasis on climate and/or climate change science, water science and sustainability, or future cities and a successful record of Tri-Agency research funding, or equivalent, is required.

The school’s willing to make some exception:

In the case of an exceptional candidate, an appointment at the rank of Associate Professor will be considered.

However, they’re firm where certain box-checking is concerned:

This call is open only to qualified individuals who self-identify as women, transgender, non-binary, or two-spirit.

So if you consider yourself one-spirited, your science is no good here.


  • Man with a penis


  • Woman with a penis
  • Man with a vagina
  • Woman with a vagina
  • Something other than a man or a woman, with a penis or vagina

So goes modern science.

We moved past merely considering an individual’s effectiveness. And meritocracy is a myth:

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All politics are now social politics, and all of science is now political:

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Back to the University of Waterloo, if you’re a single-spirit man with a penis hoping to fill the position, perhaps you can muster up an extra spirit.

And if you’re unschooled where being two-spirit’s concerned, here’s with an assist:

Two-Spirit is an umbrella term that bridges Indigenous and Western people’s comprehension of gender and sexuality.

Even though the term has only been used since the 1990s, the concept has been around for centuries.

But be warned — the website advises against spiritual appropriation:

It is important to note that Two-Spirit is a native identity – non-native LGBTQ+ people should not use it as a way to identify. The concept of Two-Spirit is a sacred tradition among the first peoples of Turtle Island and should be respected.

To be clear, Waterloo is in Ontario, Canada. But if you think such a specific set of qualifications is an entire nation away, culturally — so far as I can tell — it’s about ten feet from where you sit to the Great White North.

We share the same set of values, amendments notwithstanding.

So for any scientific men who dangle beneath the denim, you might do well to invest in a second spirit. These days, social justice trumps non-discrimination mandates. Even in America:



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