New York Democrat Pushes for Sex Ed That Would School 11-Year-Olds in Pansexuality and Anal Sex

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In case you haven’t noticed, education’s been getting an overwhelming overhaul.

For the state of things, look no further than New York’s potential upgrade to sex and gender instruction courtesy of a proposed bill.


As reported by the New York Post, first-time Democratic state Sen. Samra Brouk is sponsoring legislation to adopt the standards of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States.

Per the official website, its mission:

SIECUS asserts that sex education is a powerful vehicle for social change. We view sexuality as a fundamental part of being human, one worthy of dignity and respect. We advocate for the rights of all people to accurate information, comprehensive sexuality education, and the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health services.

And where vision’s concerned:

SIECUS envisions an equitable nation where all people receive comprehensive sexuality education and quality sexual and reproductive health services affirming their identities, thereby allowing them to access and enjoy sexual and reproductive freedom, as they define it for themselves.

As stated by NYP, Senate Bill S2584A would require public as well as charter schools to “teach 5-year-olds about ‘gender identity’ and instruct 8-year-olds on hormone blockers to prevent puberty in transgender-identifying preteens.”

Bullseye? It looks that way to Samra, who’s worried for society.

She explained to The Post:

“I am greatly concerned about the unacceptably high incidence of relationship violence, sexual harassment and assault, and online bullying in our society today. We must equip the next generation with the skills and education they will need to thrive.”


Republican Assemblyman Michael Reilly — a member of the education committee — ain’t too hip on the hand-over:

“We would be outsourcing our curriculum to this outside organization. That’s a concern.”

Sam Pirozzolo — of the New York City Parents Union — is also speaking out. The way Sam sees it, there are more important things to teach:

“The state constitution guarantees a basic education, but nowhere does it say ‘we have to prepare our kids to change their sex if they want to.’ We have schools where 95% of kids can’t read or do math at grade level, and now they want to bring in these complicated social justice issues? That’s BS.”

Dad Ken Jewell — a Manhattan attorney — argues the issue of age:

“It’s inappropriate. These are things kids that age are not capable of comprehending yet.”

Don’t get him wrong — he wants some sort of sex instruction for youngsters, but not so far as SIECUS would lead:

“As a dad I want my kid armed enough to know if something is wrong. But I don’t want to put knowledge in their heads that takes away the innocence of childhood.”

And what kind of knowledge might that be?

The standards would educate kids as young as 11 on “vaginal, oral, and anal sex.”

Also studied: “queer, two-spirit, asexual, pansexual,” and other identities.

Moreover, preteens would get schooled — per The Post — in the “use of external and internal condoms, dental dams and other contraceptives.”


Child psychologist Dr. Kelly Rabenstein Donohoe’s head over heels:

“I am in love with the SIECUS standards. They discuss all aspects of human sexual development and relationships, and promote better communication about uncomfortable topics. This knowledge both protects kids and prepares them.”

Currently, New York lacks any statewide sex-ed mandate.

Hence, local schools can decide for themselves.

The same is true of 21 other states in the U.S.

In New York City, publicly-educated children don’t get a dose of sex in the classroom ’til fourth grade.

But the state’s new bill could up the dosage — of a much more explicit elixir.



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