New York NFL Franchise Sticks a Needle in 5-Year-Old Sports Fans

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Is your 5-year-old aching to see the Buffalo Bills?

If so, he or she will need to take a needle to the arm and — ultimately — a new chemical concoction to the bloodstream.


On Wednesday, the football club announced a new policy at Highmark Stadium.

As you might’ve heard, New York state has adopted a different pandemic approach than Florida.

Do raised, rigid regulations result in a quashing of COVID?

For the answer, just ask…New York:

Or maybe ask RedState’s Bonchie, who recently asked you:

If you’ve taken stock of the COVID-19 numbers coming out of New York City, they aren’t good. In fact, the heavily-Democratic municipality is looking at its worst coronavirus case numbers ever. …

[N]ew York City has a vaccine mandate, a vaccine passport system, a stringent universal mask mandate, and is one of the most vaccinated places in the country. Why aren’t all those draconian mitigation measures resulting in a linear reduction in the spread of COVID-19?

Regardless, it seems the state believes there’s righteousness in repetition:


Apropos of that, Buffalo’s onboard with annihilating Omicron.

As encouraged by the announcement, inoculate your kids:

In accordance with the New York State Mandate, the Buffalo Bills and Highmark Stadium are updating its vaccination policy. Beginning immediately, all guests 5-11 will be required to present proof of at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine for entry into all events, concerts, and Bills games.

Are pre-kindergarteners at robust viral risk?

Things have mightily changed in that case. In December 2020 — before any vaccines had been distributed — the CDC reported the following age-based survival rates:

  • 0-19 years: 99.99997
  • 20-49 years: 99.9998
  • 50-69 years: 99.995
  • 70+ years: 99.946

But if there’s since been a radical shift, the Bills are looking out.

And they’re not alone in the athletic world.

As I covered earlier this month, California’s San Jose Sharks are ensuring the citizenry’s even safer.

The NHL team’s demanding 3-year-olds get vaxxed or tested before watching grown men skate into one another and sometimes beat each other to a pulp.

So take your pick — protect your preschooler in New York or your toddler in California.


While Cali has the Empire State beat where age inclusion is concerned, Andrew Cuomo’s former kingdom is clobbering COVID via more stunning stridence.

The press release promises no allowance for negative tests and no funny business with photos:

To verify COVID-19 vaccination, guests 5 and older will be required to display one of the following before entering Highmark Stadium:

Please note: Guests CANNOT present a photo of a physical vaccine card.

COVID-19 negative test results will not be accepted for entry. There will be no exceptions made to the vaccine requirement.

Our leaders seem very serious about protecting us. Officials in New York, California, and other states — as well as those in charge at many corporations — are doing it for our own good.

As Joe Biden recently assured, he’s saving us:



But as we go along in our 15 Days to Slow the Spread, a question looms: When will it end? What’s the goalpost? What will satisfy the Powers That Be?

Whatever the answer, don’t assume vaccinations and boosters will be falling to the wayside any time soon.

Wherever this continued “response” takes us, it’s sure to involve a whole bunch of pricks.

Shots, that is.



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