University Performs an 'Antiracism' Experiment — on Four-Year-Olds

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At the University of Texas at Austin, they’re investigating antiracism training.

And researchers are in luck, as they’ve got blank slates for their studies.


For test subjects, the school’s using four-year-old children.

The miniature volunteers need only meet a simple standard: Each tot must be the color of a tater.

The inside, that is — preschool participants have to be white, the same as their accompanying caregivers.

Five-year-olds can join as well, so long as they’ve not yet enrolled in kindergarten.

At issue is the enlightenment initiative “GoKAR” — the latter part of the word representing “Kids Against Racism.”

But it isn’t just any kind of opposition to oppression the program’s promoting.

The flier says it all: “Listen, Talk, and Learn About Antiracism with GoKAR!”

Antiracism’s been defined here before, but it bears repeating.

From UCLA Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw:

“[It’s] the active dismantling of systems, privileges, and everyday practices that reinforce and normalize the contemporary dimensions of white dominance. This, of course, also involves a critical understanding of the history of whiteness in America.”

And courtesy of Emory University’s Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee:

Antiracism requires continued commitment to dismantling white supremacy within oneself, families, workplaces, communities, and culture. We must take the lead from Black voices, past and present, decentering ourselves from the conversation, and taking educated action at all levels. … It is also important to acknowledge the pain and doubt our antiracism advocacy can activate in Black Americans, as the violence against Black life and systemic oppression has been ever present in America since the Transatlantic Slave Trade.


Clearly, if the above were a board game, it’d say “Ages Four and Up.”

Hence, GoKAR creates “opportunities for caregivers to engage in dialogue about anti-Black racism with their preschool-aged children at home.”

Will the toddlers turn into white supremacists? Are they already? Not if researchers can help it:

The program includes a series of professional children’s videos and discussion guides. We aim to explore overall engagement with the GoKAR! Program, as well the potential for the program to reduce bias and increase awareness of racism.

So if your little one joins the KKK at four-and-a-half, presumably, the bias reduction didn’t take.

If you’d like to submit your big baby for the ideological overhaul, UT Austin’s accepting up to 200 kids.

The tykes will enjoy a four-week foray, totaling roughly seven and a half hours of learning.

Here’s more of what they’ll absorb, per a GoKAR resource guide:

Laws that treat people unfairly based on their race. Today, these systems may not seem as directly racist, but there are still rules and laws that impact certain groups of people more than others. For example, kids in mostly Black neighborhoods often go to schools that have less money for books and supplies compared to kids that go to schools in mostly White neighborhoods. Systemic racism can be hard to see but being an upstander means learning to see unfair rules and laws and speaking out or taking action against them.


As you surely know, “antiracism” is all the rage — including where kids are concerned.

Cases in point:

New York School System Teaches Fourth Graders Antiracism, Puts Them in ‘Restorative Justice Circles’

‘Antiracism’ Comes to Kids’ Little League Baseball

Amazon Offered a School District Kindles for Kids, the District Requested ‘Antiracism’ Books

Penn State Plans to ‘Reimagine’ K-12, and ‘Antiracism’ Will Lead the Way

Scholars Insist Preschoolers Must Be Taught ‘Antiracism’ ‘Throughout the Day’

As reported by The College Fix, one party who signed up for UT Austin’s upcoming experiment received the following email response:

Our research team at The University of Texas at Austin (UT) is developing and testing the GoKAR! Educational Program. We aim to create opportunities for caregivers (parents/guardians) to engage in dialogue about anti-Black racism with their preschool-aged children at home.

A few questions come to mind:

  • Is a four-year-old old enough to be racist? If not, is the “anti” element warranted?
  • Why should such a young child be made aware of his or her race, much less its alleged evils?
  • What kind of parent would subject their youngster to such an experiment?

Whatever the answers, GoKAR’s looking to the future: It officially endorses “Woke Kindergarten.”


Here’s a sampling:

Per the Fix, not everyone’s a fan of Go Kids Against Racism.

The program also recently prompted a complaint to the Office for Civil Rights by economist Mark Perry, a professor at the University of Michigan Flint.

The complaint stated GoKAR “is a racially segregated, racially exclusive, and racially discriminatory program that operates exclusively for caregivers and children who BOTH must self-identify as WHITE and illegally excludes and discriminates against not-White caregivers and children on the basis of their skin color.”

Perry said in an email to The College Fix that participants are financially compensated with a $25 gift card and an additional $20 gift card for completing an optional parent interview, for a total of $45.

“So only whites are allowed to benefit from this race-segregated ‘educational opportunity’ that includes financial compensation, while all non-whites are denied the opportunity to learn about racism (based on their skin color) and get compensated for that experience,” he said.

Even if GoKAR’s intentions are golden, I’m afraid they’re far too late.

As the saying goes, you’ve gotta start ’em young(er):




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