University Celebrates 'Plus Size Appreciation Day,' Cancels Columbus and Pronoun Privilege

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In life, appreciation is a plus.

And at a college in Pittsburgh, they recently had a sizable day.

As posted to Instagram, Point Park University planned a titanic to-do for October 6th and 7th.


“In honor of Plus Size Appreciation Day,” the announcement read, “join us in celebrating plus size bodies…”

How might such a thing be accomplished?

That would be “by decorating mirrors with positive affirmations!”

The social media entry included a drawing of what might be described as an obese woman in a bikini, sitting “Indian style” and holding her feet.

The holiday’s website,, explains thusly:

Extraordinary beauty comes in all size packages. On October 6, National Plus Size Appreciation Day recognizes the gorgeous men and women who are larger than life in so many ways!

The site features ads from — “Plus size news you can use” — and FabUPlus Magazine.

Plus Size Appreciation Day (or “Plus SAD”) must be catching on; a quick perusal of Twitter reveals a host of high-fives.

In one festive video, a woman delivers the following:

“Okay, so like, don’t get me wrong. The world is ending, and everything is bad. But I look so [expletive] good today. Are you kidding me?? God really said, ‘Make her depressed, but delicious. Sad, but sexy. Stressed, but exquisitely dressed.'”


“Fat folks are resilient and beautiful babes, the whole lot of us,” she writes.

Over a short time, the heralding of unemaciated Americans has soared by leaps and pounds.

In media, extra-portioned people have hit the big time.

Model Hunter McGrady snagged Sports Illustrated:

Tess Holiday’s made a huge splash, too:

Tragically, Tess eventually came out as anorexic.

Intersectionality’s even found its way into the folds: In September, a southern medical school hosted a seminar on ‘Body Terrorism’ Against ‘Fat LGBTQ+ People.’

Back to Point Park, I don’t imagine a ton of the student body wanting to be recognized on such a celebratory day.

Nonetheless, for any who want to show off their extra girth unashamedly — and who simultaneously need affirmation — Point Park is on point.

Progress is a hallmark of the school — while it invites obese attendees to let fly their flags, where incorrect pronouns are concerned, it’s a no-fly zone (See: University Orders Adherence to Preferred Pronouns and Made-Up Monikers, Threatens ‘Action’ Regardless of ‘Intent’).


The institution’s Instagram page hails a host of commemorations throughout the year, including Hispanic Heritage Month, National Coming Out Day, and Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

As for Columbus Day, they didn’t celebrate it.

Too bad Christopher Columbus wasn’t fat.



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