University Will Punish Unvaccinated Students by Cutting Their Internet Service

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The COVID pandemic has prompted a wealth of societal change, and that’s certainly true where forcible control is concerned.

In record time, we’ve entered a new national mode: Authorities — be they governmental, technological, commercial, or educational — are poised to steer us right.


Apropos of that, Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University is helping adolescents volunteer for vaccination.

Employing the time-tested tool of incentive, the school has whipped up an impressive plan.

Among other reasons to take the shot — such as concern for the health of oneself or others — students have been offered the following:

Avoidance of a $100/week fee for the first two weeks, which will increase by $25 every couple weeks, peaking at $200 per week.

Across the entire semester, that penalty can reach $2,275.

Call it a classic punishment/reward approach.

Attendees will be rewarded a reprieve once they show proof they’ve had the vaccine.

Any who complete the necessary needling by mid-September won’t be charged.

Such was conveyed recently by The Quinnipiac Chronicle, and there’s more motivation where that came from.

But don’t assume the school wants it that way.

In May, the college’s senior medical advisor for COVID-19 task force — David Hill — put it thusly:

“We want to be very clear about avoiding a two-class citizen (system) for our students this fall, those who are vaccinated and those who aren’t. We really want to avoid creating a sense of stigma or bias against those who aren’t.”

Additional clarity comes courtesy of disconnection.


Per an email from Vice President for Public Relations John Morgan, as stated by TQC:

[S]tudents will lose access to Wi-Fi and the campus network if they fail to complete the vaccination mandate by Sept. 14.

In March of last year, America faced “15 Days to Slow the Spread.”

Now, it seems the spread will never slow — not of the virus, but a brand-spanking paradigm.

Business is likely to never return to the in-person model of yore, and face-to-face masking and its requirement show no sign of stopping.

[Related: Jennifer Oliver O’Connell’s “Forever Pandemic: Despite CDC Recommendation, Los Angeles County Hesitant to Lift Mask Mandate“]

Areas have dropped edicts, then re-issued them as cases have risen again.

Think it’ll end if COVID goes cold?

Consider Paris Independent School District’s recent decision.

The 4,000-strong Texas educational system issued a dress code in defiance of the governor’s orders.

Among the regulations: masks — and not just for COVID.

From the code:

For health reasons, masks are required for all employees and students to mitigate flu, cold, pandemic, and any other communicable diseases.

So pull the coronavirus from the equation, and there’s still reason to hide your holes.

There a sense to it — people are afraid:


Back to vaccinations, Los Angeles is eyeing innovative ways to save its residents. From themselves.

Consider this tweet by a 2022 city council candidate:

On the other side of the continent, Quinnipiac is doing its part.

Hence, unvaccinated students will also be forced to undergo weekly testing.

Any time they miss a week, they’ll be charged an additional $100.

According to the Chronicle, tolerance isn’t totally unoffered:

These penalties and fees will be waived if unvaccinated students get at least one shot of vaccination by Aug. 25. However, they still need to participate in weekly testing until two weeks after their second dose and submit a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning.

And don’t misunderstand — students can apply to become exempt.

From the outlet’s May article:

[President Judy Olian] said exemptions will be granted for medical and religious reasons, despite Connecticut’s removal of religious reasons. Students will soon be receiving a form to request exemption that will be confidentially reviewed by Student Health Services.


But even if someone’s exempted — or vaccinated — school still won’t be the same as before.

On August 2nd, the Chronicle made that clear:

Individuals must wear masks inside all campus spaces, including during classes.

So goes slowing the spread.

How slow will it have to get, before increased imperatives cease to spread?



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