Public University Spends Student Activity Fees on an $11,000 Drag Show

How much would you be willing to pay for a drag show?

What if it was for students at your college?

At the University of Arkansas, they apparently guessed at that answer for attendees.


The school figured on $11,000.

At least, that’s the amount of Student Activity fees it allegedly spent.

As reported by Campus Reform, UofA had local draggers dance on camera via Zoom.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, CR obtained a copy of the contract.

University of Arkansas spen… by Campus Reform

For 60 minutes’ worth of dancing, the school shelled out $11,050.

The number of students who attended the virtual show: 38.

So…$11,050/38 = $290 per ticket.

And that’s what we call government spending.

Speaking to Campus Reform, Assistant Director of Strategic Communications Rebecca Morrison confirmed it was Student Activity fees that were forked over for the fabulous foray.

An advertisement for the event marks March 18th, 7pm as Go time.

“UA Brings the Drag,” it says.

Drag has definitely come a long way. Once thought of as generally limited to gay clubs, it’s made major societal moves into unlikely locations.

We’ve see the proliferation of Drag Queen Story Hour at libraries across the country:


They’re diggin’ it in Canada, too:

In early June, a Southern women’s shelter will host its “Purple Reign” charity event:

Drag’s even made its way into religion.

In May of 2019, I covered Calvary United Methodist Church’s “Drag Me to Church” protest of a same-sex marriage ban.

And a Bloomington, Illinois, UMC congregation is promoting for ordination a man who sometimes delivers his sermons in full regalia:

A bit of drag’s even reached the White House — earlier this month, Joe Biden (with Dr. Anthony Fauci) appeared for questions with heavily-made-up YouTuber Manny Mua:

This ain’t your grandparents’ drag.


Back to the University of Arkansas, Campus Reform notes that the show lasted less than an hour.

Included: a variety of dance styles, so something for everyone.

Performer Nikita Kakes danced to “Hush Hush” by The Pussycat Dolls, while Maddy Morphosis sang to a puppet during her performance of “Beauty and the Beast” from the Disney classic.

Was it worth $290?

That’s a question for the 38 who enjoyed it — and the roughly 25,000 who paid for it.

At least the finale was grand:

The show ended with a lip sync battle between multiple students where Jaida Essence Hall urged them to “change into something really cute,” put on a wig, or put on handcuffs.

The winner was given a prize, which was — per the contract — also paid for by the university.



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