United Methodist Church Holds Drag Show to Protest Same-Sex Marriage Ban



Here’s a nice Saturday story for ya. I’ve been sitting on it for a bit…waiting for the right time to pounce!

On April 27th, I covered the internal rips within the United Methodist Church over gay clergy and same-sex marriage. That place is a mess.


On the 26th, among UMC bigwigs, a nine-member judicial panel upheld an earlier denominational decision to disallow peeps of alternate sexual persuasion from being ministers. Plus: No I Do’s between two dudes or a pair of chicks.

Hence, a whole lotta turmoil and dissent within. See much more in my story here.

Well, one church had a very interesting way of sockin’ it to the no-fun traditionalists playing it straight.

On the very day I wrote my article, Durham, North Carolina’s Calvary United Methodist Church held an event called “Drag Me to Church.”

And why? According to Pastor Chris Agoranos, it’s all about good vibes:

“It brings such good and positive energy, which is really what we wanted this to be about.”

Chris is standin’ behind his gay brethren and…sisteren?

“I told them as my pastor that I love them, and that I’m committed to them.”

And that’s why the house of worship hosted the — as per CBS 17 — “family-friendly drag show and silent auction.”

Like Kool & the Gang, Chris wanted it to be a celebration:

“Our voice of resistance to that is to be a space of celebration, that holds space for everybody, that loves and affirms everybody.”

The cross-dressing extravaganza was hosted by David Prater, who told WNCN Calvary saved his life, and the leaders of the UMC ain’t listenin’ to Jesus:


“It’s a church that helped save my life. Calvary has loved me and supported me every moment that I’ve been here. Finding that the United Methodist Church at the highest levels didn’t share that same opinion was a bit mystifying for me, because it doesn’t seem to go along with the words in red that I read in the Bible.”

Gay youth Gus Svara concurs:

“I’ve made a bunch of friends here, and it’s really helped with my mental health. I think it’s a good way to promote diversity, and it’s also a form of peaceful protest in a way.”

Of course, protest over ideas is the opposite of promoting diversity.

David said the plan is to make “Drag Me to Church” a yearly event.

And how ’bout that auction? It raised more than $5,000 for iNSIDEoUT18 (is that the title of a Prince song?), the church’s LGBTQ youth group.

So the next time you’re in Durham, North Carolina and you’re hankerin’ for a springtime jubilee of the female impersonator kind, stop into your local United Methodist Church — they’re raging against the manchine. Enjoy the pageantry, the family-friendliness, and those sweet, sweet vibrations.

Worship on.



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