Jon Voight Slams Media Bias, Asks if 'Journalists Have Any Sense of Pride, Even'

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Are you a major fan of the media? If so, that’s something you and Jon Voight don’t have in common.

The Oscar winner’s unimpressed with today’s batch of reporters.


He made such clear during an interview on Wednesday’s episode of The Truth with Lisa Boothe podcast.

The way he sees it, media’s been highjacked:

“[I]t’s a very big surprise that the media can be so captured, so overtaken. How could this be?”

“This is just like Russia,” he said. “I mean, this is just like (former Communist Party newspaper) Pravda. There’s no difference.”

And the Times? He’s not a fan:

“You read The New York Times, you’re getting phony stuff.”

The press has certainly changed over the years — America has seen, nearly, the death of news.

Television’s informational networks now fill their hours with editorial.

As for print media, the same appears true of its pages.

In our modern era, supposed “straight news” stories offer content far beyond the facts. And even farther beyond bipartisanship.

Here are three easy examples, employing “baseless” and “unfounded” which — in these use cases — are subjective and would never have been injected into news articles just a decade ago:


CBS News — Trump Talks Unfounded Election Conspiracy at Georgia Rally
CNN — Trump Makes Baseless Voter Fraud Claims Via Speakerphone
CNN — Trump Invites Pennsylvania GOP Lawmakers to White House After Calling in to Baseless Voter Fraud Event

So why’s the strong leftward bias occurring?

The way Jon sees it, a likely culprit is survival:

“So…what does a guy do if he wants to feed his family, and he needs to keep his job? It’s those pressures that keep it going, I think.”

And how does it stop? He sees a way out:

“[T]there are many brave people that are stepping up and very brave teachers who are in the industry, the entertainment industry, and in the, you know, in the news industry that are stepping up and giving us a direction. So we have to find those people and stick with them and support them.”

But for now, the Democratic Party seems to be calling the shots:

“[Low-level journalists] keep their mouths shut, and they just do their jobs. You see, they repeat the party line.”

One person who definitely doesn’t toe that line: Jon Voight.

As I covered in May of 2019, he took to the webisphere with a message so outrageous to left-tilted Tinseltown that it surely, to quote an old preacher, “gave ’em fits.”

The actor declared to the world: “Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

Jon’s grateful he can do things like that…and still get work:


“Thank God that I’ve had some success in my life so that I can — people know that when they hire me, I’m going to give a good representation of the work and maybe make their piece more successful. But people are afraid to be exposed at this time for questioning this, I think, this bad behavior that’s going on all over the place. But it’s interesting. It’s a battle. It’s a battle. And it’s in this industry.”

Of course, Hollywood is part of the media.

But back to journalists, Mr. Voight posed a cutting question?

“Don’t journalists have any sense of pride, even?”

I guess pride — like the news these days — is subjective.



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