Hilarious: In Response to Social Distancing, a Las Vegas Strip Club Opens a Drive-Thru

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File – In this Sept. 21, 1978 file photo, Carol Doda performs at the Condor Theater in San Francisco. Doda, the legendary stripper who jiggled in America’s first topless bar more than 50 years ago, has died in San Francisco of complications related to kidney failure, friends confirmed. She died Monday, Nov. 9, 2015 at age 78. (AP Photo/File)




So maybe it’s a less-than-ideal week to attend a crowded amusement park.

That music festival packed with 75,000 sweaty fans? Perhaps not the best time.

There are lots of places you might not wanna soon go. And for many businesses, where customers are concerned, pickin’s is slim.

So how do industries survive?

And what about those of an adult nature — the ones that require an in-person patronage?

Sure, silicone may be buoyant; but how do strip clubs stay afloat?

When it comes to the pursuit of success, you’ve gotta compete and impress.

And in strange times, you have to adapt.

So knows Las Vegas full-nekkid club Little Darlings.

Therefore, it’s throwing things into overdrive with a coronavirus-related extravaganza.

In your quest for non-quarantined plans for the weekend, the joint’s got ya covered.

And you can leave the Purell at home.

Ever heard of ladies’ oil wrestling? Well, as told to KSNV by Director of Operations Ryan Carlson, LD’s set to host “XXX nude hand sanitizer wrestling” this Saturday.

Sounds like a slick, slathering, anti-septic good time.

From Vegas’s Channel 3:

The strip club said America remains a free country, with strippers as a “fabric of American life.”

Carlson explained that “the world cannot stop turning for a cold.”


And there’s more:

Little Darlings doesn’t want the more standoffish among you to miss out. In a genius move, it’s adding a drive-thru.


Now that’s ingenuity. And, presumably, you don’t have to go home to Mama with that awful black X on your hand.

Not that I would know.

But what I do know is that if you’re in Sin City and feelin’ frisky but your seat belt’s stuck, wheel it on over to Little Darlings. And if it’s Saturday, maybe a girl will lean out the drive-thru window long enough to drip hand sanitizer into your buckle.

It might loosen things up.

Las Vegas is certainly hanging loose.

Even in these restrictive times.



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