Toilet Paper Company Calls out White Supremacy and Cops' 'Continued Killing of Black and Brown People'

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These days, politics seems an act everyone’s getting in on.

The same goes for social issues.

On Monday, while the jury in the horrific Derek Chauvin/George Floyd murder case deliberated, a detergent company took to social media with comment.


You may be familiar with the household supplies entity Seventh Generation:

Evidently, it didn’t want customers wondering what a toilet paper company thought of Derek’s guilt or George’s tragic death, along with the very serious situations of Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, cops, and racism in America.


“We continue to face deep racial inequity in our society as Derek Chauvin’s trial comes to close for the murder of George Floyd. And as more Black and Brown lives continue to be lost at the hands of the police, including Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo and the countless unnamed.”

Walk into any store these days, and it’s a very different landscape than just a few years ago.


A glance from left to right will cover not only products, but promoted policy positions and claimed commitment to causes.

Increasingly, it’s more difficult to shop without some awareness of how your potato chips voted or what your paper plates thought of the last presidency.

And companies are certainly speaking out where issues of justice are concerned.

Earlier this month, for instance, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream called out white supremacy and heralded a remaking of American law enforcement:

Back to Seventh Generation, it had much more to say:

“Stopping the continued killing of Black and Brown people at the hands of the police demands we divest from police and invest in systems that build community health and well-being, especially in BIPOC communities who bear the biggest burden of systemic racism in policing.

“We support defunding the police like we support keeping fossil fuels in the ground. It’s imperative we divest from systems of harm and invest in regenerative systems for all.”



“Seventh Generation commits to supporting efforts to #DefundthePolice.”

The advocacy generated applause:


The opposite effect’s been had as well:

Obviously, you’re never going to please everyone.

Even Ben & Jerry’s got nay-say’d:

In America, of course, issues of injustice do arise.

And positions are to be held in favor of righteousness.

Not long ago, corporations weren’t nearly so vocally involved.

But these days, while I scream and you scream for ice cream, our ice cream screams for things, too.


It’s a new world of messaging, and I don’t imagine the old one making a return.

On the bright side, when you’re in the paper towel aisle and trying to decide, you can better know your options — if you wish, you can clean up your spills with a company that’s trying to clean up America.



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