California Eyes 'Ethnic Studies' School Curriculum to Challenge 'Racist, Bigoted, Discriminatory, Imperialist/Colonial Beliefs'

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California education may be getting an upgrade.

To better school West Coast youths, The Golden State’s introduced a proposed boost in the form of “ethnic studies.”


As reported by the City Journal, the state issued a 48-page Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.

Its stated purpose: To “challenge racist, bigoted, discriminatory, imperialist/colonial beliefs and practices on multiple levels.”

And also: to critique “white supremacy, racism and other forms of power and oppression.”


As stated by the Journal, “much of the material” concerning early American history comes courtesy original Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum co-chair R. Tolteka Cuauhtin.

As a bit of background, R. Tolteka previously wrote Rethinking Ethnic Studies, which is cited multiple times in the curriculum.

In the book, the author purportedly explains America was founded upon a “Eurocentric, white supremacist (racist, anti-Black, anti-Indigenous), capitalist (classist), patriarchal (sexist and misogynistic), heteropatriarchal (homophobic), and anthropocentric paradigm brought from Europe.”

The document claims that whites began “grabbing the land,” “hatching hierarchies,” and “developing for Europe/whiteness,” which created “excess wealth” that “became the basis for the capitalist economy.” Whites established a “hegemony” that continues to the present day, in which minorities are subjected to “socialization, domestication, and ‘zombification.’”

The book also addresses white Christian settlers’ reign of “coloniality, dehumanization, and genocide” featuring an “explicit erasure and replacement of holistic Indigeneity and humanity.”


Apparently, R. Tolteka wants to counter some of that.

More from the Journal:

The curriculum recommends that teachers lead their students in a series of indigenous songs, chants, and affirmations, including the “In Lak Ech Affirmation,” which appeals directly to the Aztec gods. Students first clap and chant to the god Tezkatlipoka—whom the Aztecs traditionally worshipped with human sacrifice and cannibalism—asking him for the power to be “warriors” for “social justice.” Next, the students chant to the gods Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, and Xipe Totek, seeking “healing epistemologies” and “a revolutionary spirit.” Huitzilopochtli, in particular, is the Aztec deity of war and inspired hundreds of thousands of human sacrifices during Aztec rule. Finally, the chant comes to a climax with a request for “liberation, transformation, [and] decolonization,” after which students shout “Panche beh! Panche beh!” in pursuit of ultimate “critical consciousness.”

Back to white supremacy, California’s got plentiful company in its efforts to root it out.

As I covered last month, a Virginia school district moved to disassociate Dr. Seuss from the National Education Association’s Read Across America Day, held on the author’s birthday.

The reason: a study analyzing the writer’s racism.

From St. Catherine University’s report:


“Of the 2,240 (identified) human characters, there are forty-five characters of color representing 2% of the total number of human characters.” Of the 45 characters, 43 exhibited behaviors and appearances that align with harmful and stereotypical Orientalist tropes. The remaining two human characters “are identified in the text as ‘African’ and both align with the theme of anti-Blackness.” It’s also important to note that each of the non-white characters is male and that they are all “presented in subservient, exotified, or dehumanized roles,” especially in their relation to white characters.

And they’re certainly putting a stake through it in secondary ed.

A University of Dayton law professor’s compiled a list of the “whitest law schools” amid asking colleges to rid themselves of “excess whiteness.”

That instructor’s particular racism remedy is one seconded by Arizona State University’s associate dean.

And if California wants its young to really enjoy ethnic studies, it may wanna incorporate the same.

Associate Dean Asao Inoue penned a 358-page book recommending schools end meritocratic grading.

From the Dean:

Ranking is a part of a much longer racist, and White supremacist, tradition in Western intellectual history. Ranking has been deeply embedded in racist thinking, discourses, and logics, mainly because it has been deployed as a way to justify a number of racist, empirical, and colonial projects over the last four hundred years.


California’s board of education will vote on the new curriculum next week.

As designated by Foreword Reviews, R. Tolteka Cuauhtin’s Rethinking Ethnic Studies was a “2019 GOLD Winner for Education.”



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