Mayo Clinic Upgrades Its Dress Policy to Include Pronoun Buttons

Mayo Clinic Upgrades Its Dress Policy to Include Pronoun Buttons
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The iconic Mayo Clinic has just advanced America.

In wokism.

The institution’s known for its cutting-edge adeptness in the field of medicine, and now it’s sharpening up in a whole different way.

As reported by The Daily Wire, on Tuesday, the clinic released an updated Dress and Decorum Policy.

According to an article on its internal website observed by TDW, the medical nonprofit also introduced a new Email Signature Policy.

For staffers disturbed by Mayo’s dilly-dallying with amateur nouns, they’ll be glad to know the place has now gone pro.

Hence, as part of its new dress code, faculty may wear buttons indicating whether they’re “he,” “she,” “they,” etc.

As for official communication, preferred pronouns may now be included in email signatures.

Vice Chair of Administration Jo Williamson hailed an adherence to values:

“At Mayo Clinic, our values and our commitment to the values are one of our biggest differentiators. They are what inspire and motivate our staff. By committing to using the correct pronouns, we are creating a space of respect and inclusion for all our patients, our staff and students.”

The upgrade may soon be a poor excuse for a difference-maker — it seems the entire country is moving in the same direction.

As for patients, the clinic may wanna take a lesson from Sussex and Brighton University Hospitals NHS Trust: The UK joints have canned terms such as “breastfeeding.”


  • breast/chest milk
  • human milk
  • milk from the feeding mother or parent

From the hospitals’ February statement:

We acknowledge the additional challenges that gender identity can have on pregnancy, birth and infant feeding. We recognize the importance of providing inclusive, respectful perinatal care to all pregnant women and people.

And they’ve replaced the following terms:

  • “Her” => May need to use “them” or “their” when replacing “woman” with “woman or person”
  • “Maternal” or “maternity” => “Maternity” or “perinatal” (this acknowledges that “Maternity” sometimes refers to terminology which it is not possible for BSUH to change at present)
  • “Maternal notes” or “maternity notes” => “Hand held notes” or “Antenatal/Labour and Birth Care/Postnatal Care Record”
  • “Mother/s” => “Mother/s or birthing parent/s” or “mothers and birthing parents”
  • “She” => May need to use “they” when replacing “woman” with “woman or person”
  • “Woman” => “Woman or person”
  • “Women” => “Women and people”
  • “Father” => “Parent” or “co- parent”
  • In the context of Antenatal Screening: “Father” => “Father or second biological parent”

So while Brighton and Sussex are putting together an entire non-cisgender sandwich, the Mayo seems light.

Nonetheless, concerning identity, administrator Jo spread it on thick:

“Pronouns are specific to an individual’s gender identity. Often, people determine a person’s gender based on their appearance, name or gender expression. However, individuals might not identify as either male or female but rather somewhere along the gender spectrum. In these circumstances, people might use gender-neutral pronouns such as ‘they/them’ or a pronoun that better speaks to their identity, including newer pronouns such as ze/hir.”

The clinic noted, “Using someone’s correct personal pronouns is as important as calling someone by their correct name.”

More from the Daily Wire:

The comment section on the article about the policy changes is full of approving comments that were screened and approved by Mayo Clinic.

One commenter said she “would also love to see pronouns added to patients’ charts.” Another exclaimed, “Congratulations Mayo Clinic!!! This is a meaningful, important, and supportive/inclusive step forward!”

MC’s been on the move for a while:

In recent years Mayo Clinic has been outspoken in its support of gender-affirming medical treatment, including puberty-blocking hormones for children as young as 10 years old, saying that such treatment “doesn’t cause permanent changes in an adolescent’s body” and “puberty will resume” if an adolescent stops the treatment.

And regarding gender-neutral restrooms, the multi-campus, 65,000-employee clinic made the switch years ago.

So there you have it — when science can’t lead progress, at least it can follow.

Mayo, congratulations: Your social justice test results are in.

You’re positive.



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