White Man Sues Agency Because Black Woman Makes More Money

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A man is mad about money.

As reported by Metro News, former rear admiral Matthew Parr is “one of five inspectors of constabulary.”

When hired in June 2016, he accepted a £133,983 salary.


In addition, he scored a £7,904 London living allowance.

Per Metro, the offered amount resulted from efforts to “rein in Whitehall pay scales.”

But speaking of white, Matthew recently got some news he found unnerving.

As it turns out, 15 months before he was brought on, Wendy Williams — a black female — joined ranks with a salary of £185,791.

What’s more (or less?), she’d already accepted an offer of £165,000.

Hence, she’d been boosted by £20,791, ultimately dwarfing his salary haul by £51,808.

Subsequently, Matthew filed suit against Home Department Secretary of State Priti Patel  — for sex and race discrimination.

From The Daily Wire:

“The reason Williams ended up receiving a £20,000 boost to her salary is because a white man had recently been hired at that rate, so paying her less would have risked “a legal challenge on grounds of discrimination,” Parr argued before a tribunal.

Matthew also discovered he was being bested by a deputy assistant commissioner — who was under his supervision.

According to the plaintiff, he knows the whole situation’s weird because he’s white…but he’s suing anyway:

“I am a white man. I recognize I am not the typical claimant in cases of equal pay and discrimination. I also recognise I am paid a relatively high salary. Were all HMIs to be paid the salary currently paid to me I would be satisfied. The only difference between her treatment and mine is that she was placed at the top of the band, rather than at the bottom.”


He wants…wait for it…equity:

“This is a question of fairness. I am a white male — my race and sex had a clear influence in the first and later decisions on my pay. It is also a policy that was influenced by race and sex. It was only revised as a consequence of Wendy Williams’s favorable treatment.”

Secretary of State Priti’s attorney — Ben Collins — told Metro the difference in dollars (pounds) has nothing to do with sex or race.

The pay policy beneath which Matthew was hired, Ben explained, hadn’t yet gone into effect when the others came on board.

“If Mr. Parr had been a black woman, he would have received the same response.”

These days, it’s a hot topic, the Wire notes, even across the pond:

England, like America, suffers from allegations of a gender wage gap, though one does not exist. It is more accurately referred to as an “earnings” gap, because men and women earn different amounts based on the careers they take, the hours they work, and whether they leave the workforce to take care of children. When all those factors and more are accounted for, the alleged “gap” shrinks to about 5%, but no one can definitively prove that discrimination is the cause.

One thing’s for certain, the world isn’t relaxing its focus on race — that is to say, more than any time in recent history, people are being seen for the color of their skin. And they’re being told to see others the same way:


As people increasingly compare themselves to one another and analyze the differences, I can imagine many lawsuits like Matthew’s — from various sex and racial perspectives — cropping up across the fruited plain.

Meanwhile, he’s just plain mad.



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