Kamala's Stepdaughter Hits the Runway, Designers Praise Biden's 'New and Fresh and Optimistic and Joyful' Era

Kamala's Stepdaughter Hits the Runway, Designers Praise Biden's 'New and Fresh and Optimistic and Joyful' Era
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As you may know, Ella Emhoff recently scored a colossal career opportunity.

After appearing at Biden’s inauguration, the new-to-fame step-daughter of Kamala Harris had something fall into her 21-year-old lap: a modeling contract with big-time agency IMG Models.

Other IMG clients:

Gigi Hadid…

Xiao Wen Ju…

and Emily DiDonato.

When not even the (until-recently) First Lady — a model — can get a gig, if you can score a deal with a major player…while wearing a mask…I’d say fate has smiled upon you.

If — that is — you can thrive in such a chew-you-up-and-spit-you-out industry.

If the modeling gig betters Ella’s life, then good for her and congratulations.

As part of Proenze Schouler’s Fall/Winter offerings at Thursday’s virtual New York Fashion Week event, she made her runway debut.

Apropos, a video interview with the designers highlights a remarkable state of the world:



that would be, everything…

is political.

Here’s what Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez had to say:

“In a lot of ways…having Ella be in the show was perfect for us because she represents this idea of a new beginning — a whole new chapter in American life, in American culture.”

They noted the newness:

“It’s the beginning of something new and fresh and optimistic and joyful.”

It seems the stinky skunk that was Trump has relieved the air of his unfashionable stench. And now, we can dress down like we’re livin’ it up:

“[W]e wanted the clothes to have…that feeling of…just something that feels fresh and new and devoid of stuff and excess.”

They immediately embraced Ella:

“We had an immediate connection with her. We just kind of got on immediately. It was really cool.”

Not so long ago, female models served a singular purpose: Be beautiful girls, standing there.


These days, there’s gotta be more:

“You know, to us, she’s more than a model. I think the models that are interesting to us these days are not just faces — thery’re faces that stand for something, that mean something. And she’s…emblematic of this, of this new generation of models and women, of fashion. These models nowadays have to stand for something. They have to have meaning. They can’t just be like a beautiful girl standing there.”

And so it goes.

We’re living in an era of messaging. Of consciousness. Of considered commentary.

What once was done for pleasure is now done for points — to make them, or score them.

It’s an increasingly political world.

I guess you’d might as well look good in it.

So get out there and dress it up. 

Throw on those Democrat duds, and relegate those Republican rags to the recycler.

It’s a new, fresh era, folks: Joe Biden’s in the White House, Kamala Harris is on deck, and it’s time to strut your stuff.

But one fashion tip, from everyone at Hip Headquarters:

For goodness sake, forgo the red cap.



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