Congressman Will Introduce Legislation Banning Any Federal Property From Being Named After Trump

Congressman Will Introduce Legislation Banning Any Federal Property From Being Named After Trump
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You may have already heard the news: Democrats don’t like Donald Trump.

Around five years ago, the eccentric New York billionaire/Hollywood chum/NBC powerhouse/mentor to black cultural influencer Russell Simmons/marrier of two immigrants/Democrat…split time in half — for himself.

Amid his moves, he became — per the TV — a failed businessman/anti-black racist/hater of immigrants/Nazi/rage-filled Republican.

In some circles, that didn’t bode well.

And one of those is the sphere of government occupied by folks across the aisle.

Hence, in addition to one impeachment (and maybe two), a national lawmaker’s trying to ensure The Donald never gets a monumental mention.

On Friday, Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro tweeted he’ll introduce legislation preventing any federal property from ever being named for the Donkey Party’s most hated wearer of red ties:

“In addition to supporting the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump, I am also preparing legislation that would prohibit any federal building or property from being named after President Donald J. Trump.”

The congressman left a clue as to his reasoning:

“President Trump incited an insurrection that damaged some our nation’s most significant and sacred federal property. Most importantly – let us learn from our past. Donald Trump should never become a future generation’s Confederate symbol.”

The Confederate reference seems apt — not due to ideological underpinnings, but because it’s extremely easy to imagine a crew doing this to anything Trumpish:

Of course, a building would be harder to topple; but that’s not to say it wouldn’t be tried.

For all of his strong stance, some on Twitter thought Joaquin was being too kind:

One tweeter used the opportunity for an unusual championing:

Regarding those on the ball for impeachment, The Daily Caller notes Assistant House Speaker Katherine Clark said a vote for/against could happen as “early as mid-next week.”

And, like a jock strap, there’s support:

It’s been a tumultuous half-decade, a turbulent 2020, and 2021’s off to a rough start.

Personally, I don’t see the new year smoothing out any time soon. It seems far beyond January 20th, the fight over Donald J. Trump will rally on.



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