Condemnation of Trump's Facebook Lockdown Comes From an Unexpected Familiar Face

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As I covered previously, U.S. President Donald Trump has been banned from Facebook.

It was a noteworthy move, and condemnation of the social media sock is coming from a most unexpected place: a supermodel.


You may know Victoria’s Secret angel/Sports Illustrated bikini beauty Emily Ratajkowski:

As it turns out, Emily’s not a fan of locking the Leader of the Free World.

And she makes a potent point — if Facebook can put a gag on the most powerful (?) man in the world…well…

Here’s how she put it:

“This gives Facebook/tech/Zuck THE MOST POWER. If he can shut the president up/off he can shut any of us up/off.”

Not everyone tweeted in agreement, but the influencer — who has 14 million followers on Instagram — certainly stirred things up:


And in case you’re wondering, Emily’s a lovely liberal: Amid the discussion, she pointed out, “[S]ocial media is an incredible tool to organize grassroots movements as proved by this summer’s protests.”

And here’s her Bernie bonafides:

But she understands the implications of controlling expression and access:

“My concern is that this gives big tech the opportunity to shut down ‘leftist extremists’ who are important political organizers.”


Putting the President wholly aside, it’s an increasingly important question to ask: What becomes of us, if people’s primary source of information is curtailed by those on one political side?

This tweeter insisted it’s the Left that’s been sacked by Silicon Valley:

Emily wasn’t averse:

She’s right about the cheering — as the saying goes, “It’s always funny until it happens to you.”

And in this #CancelCulture age, boy, can it happen to you. No matter who you are.

As for Facebook in particular, Emily’s not the only familiar face standing in opposition.

Consider Elon Musk’s late-night Wednesday tweet:

What will become of America’s digital social platforms? It seems to me there are only two possibilities: They will allow all expression, or they’ll eventually lose half their participants.


If things continue as they’ve been, I see some substantial splits in our future.

And that’s not limited to social media.

A great change is likely coming, and it isn’t necessarily moving slow.



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