Little Boy Gets Suspended for Bringing a BB Gun to School, AKA His Bedroom

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There was a time in America when a gun was a perfectly normal gift for a kid.

Pellet guns and targets were considered components of childhood fun.

And plastic, cap-popping six-shooters were staples for many a young aspiring cowboy.


But these days, there’s a revolt against that rodeo, and we’re being told that gun ownership is bull.

After all, is it not the bullet that begets the crime?

And in our new sanitized era of safety, the mere idea of any kind of firearm can send people up a tree. Or to the Powers That Be.

Just ask the parents of 4th grader Ka’Mauri Harrison.

In September, the 9-year-old was taking part in an online class.

Along the way, the teacher caught a frightening sight in the boy’s bedroom — a BB gun.

The Daily Wire lays it out:

Harrison was…taking a test over a video stream when his teacher began waving at him. Since he was taking a test, Harrison’s computer was muted so he didn’t know why his teacher seemed upset. He moved to unmute her, but the livestream ended.

The teacher reported the (allegedly) unloaded gun to the school.

The result: a threat of expulsion.

Fortunately, the school took it easy: They only suspended him.

For six days.

And why?

As it turned out, Ka’Mauri’s bedroom was an extension of the school. And everyone knows: A school is a Gun-Free Zone.

In the words of, the principal made the determination because of the grade-schooler “possessing a weapon during a school-sponsored event.”

Amid a public controversy, the Louisiana state legislature passed a law in Ka’Mauri’s name.

Per New Orleans’s WDSU 6, the Ka’Mauri Harrison Act “requires school districts to review their school policies and write new ones for virtual students and expands avenues for appeals in certain cases.”


In November, Gov. John Bel Edwards signed it into law.

Meanwhile, Ka’Mauri’s parents fought the suspension, which led to a six-hour hearing before the Jefferson Parish School Board December 4th.

As relayed by WWL-TV, Harrison attorney Chelsea Cusimano asked the little boy, “Are you aware you were suspended because you brought a BB gun to school?”

He replied that he didn’t do that.

But former teacher and school board member Simeon Dickerson tried to really sock it to ’em:

“I know what a BB gun looks like. And you know what it resembles? A real gun. Okay? It resembles a real gun.”

To be clear, K’Mauri’s weapon of war got screen time when he moved it — his dad explained during the hearing — so his little brother wouldn’t trip over it. The two children share a room.

But the school board wasn’t sufficiently impressed by his courtesy.

It did agree to change Ka’Mauri’s record — it now states he had three unexcused absences.

The record also indicates he was suspended for three days.

So a retraction? That’s a N’awlins “No.”

The district released a statement:

“We hope it is clear that we have and will continue to follow state law in regards to disciplinary matters. We are committed to making and standing by decisions that are in the best interests of our students and schools.”


Safe indeed — even from BB guns that have no BB’s.

At least Ka’Mauri’s not alone — see Jennifer Van Laar’s Baltimore breakdown, “Police Search Home After Teachers See 11-Year-Old’s BB Gun Hanging on Wall During Virtual Classroom.”

As for the knee-knocking near New Orleans, if the teacher was frightened by that empty pea-shooter on the computer monitor, I hope they never catch sight of a Civil War film — they’ll think they’re about to be shot by a cannon.

Head for the hills — Morgan Freeman’s got a gun!



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