School Votes to Remove a Racist Rock - Because It Was Called Something Terrible 95 Years Ago

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Schools these days are groovin’ to the tune of racism eradication. And in Wisconsin, one college is ready to rock.

Or not.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a large boulder sits.

It appears that was all well and good, until a recent discovery was made.

Now the rock represents the “R” word.

And it’s a heavy controversy: The aggregate of minerals or mineraloid matter weighs 70 tons.

But it’s gotta go.

And why? As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, students found out a newspaper in 1925 called the boulder an obnoxious name.

It was awful indeed.

The paper — 95 years ago — described the solid mass as a “n—–head.”

Purportedly, that was a common designation at the time for any large, dark-colored rock.

The Beacon explains, “The university confirmed that the clipping was the only known instance of the term being used on campus.”

On November 19th, the college’s Campus Planning Committee unanimously voted to remove Chamberlin Rock — named after former school president Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin.

Thomas was a leading geologist in his day. He was born in 1843.

It’s an unusual lesson to learn: If you have a monument named for you; and if three years before you die, someone calls it something terrible; then 177 years after your birth, it could be decried as a symbol of sin.

On the upside, you probably won’t mind — you’ll be dead.

Whether Thomas likes it or not, Chancellor Rebecca Blank will be reviewing the committee’s recommendation — and she’s already expressed support.

Nalah McWhorter — president of the Black Student Union, which kickstarted the toss-the-rock campaign — is surely psyched.

She lamented the days of old:

“We took a stance, and a bold stance to stand up to our university and demand things that have been demanded for so long but have historically fallen on deaf ears. When looking at context and what this university was like in 1925, it is very clear that it was a very racist campus.”

It’s easy to believe 1925 wasn’t a fantastic year to be black in America. Will rolling that stone away free 2020 students from the prejudice of the past?

Either way, it’s gonna cost a pretty penny — the school estimates between 30,000 and 75,000 bucks.

Per the Beacon, they’re eyeing options:

The university is considering removing it in one of three ways: relocating the rock off campus, burying it at the site of its original location, or breaking it up and disposing of it.

But don’t assume it’s going far:

Geochronology professor Brad Singer is lobbying to relocate the rock nearby so professors can continue using it for instruction.

With the rock removed, it’s a real load off.

But not enough — the Black Student Union’s also trying to 86 a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

The reason?

Per Nalah, it’s his “genocide of Native Americans and his close proximity to Ho-Chunk effigy mounds.”

These days, Fixing is a full-time job.

For those beating the boulders, rock on.



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