The Official Hat of 2020? Arby's Introduces a Turkey Pillow You Wear Like a Helmet

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It’s a new and bizarre product that seems appropriate for more reasons than one.

This year has a been a turkey, and 2020’s been full of meatheads.


Perhaps those were two factors in Arby’s decision to add the world’s weirdest pillow to its product line.

Ladies and gents, take note: The fast food fixture famous for dishing out delicious garden fresh sandwiches and terrifically tasty roast beef has taken to aiding you in sleep.

So throw away your mega-money memory foam mainstay and enjoy Arby’s new offering.

Take it to bed, shutter your eyes, and soar like an eagle.

Or, a turkey.

Bonus: You can also toss your bedtime blindfold; you don’t so much lie on the curious cushion as wear it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this 360° view seems disturbingly vulgar:

But perhaps my meter’s off, and it’s downright sexy. Envision a romantic romp with that perfect partner, ending with a close cuddle, turkeys on the head, and it’s off to deep-fried dreamland.


Apparently, that’s how the pillow was conceptually cooked — skilleted in grease, perhaps the same as the Sand Man’s favorite family Thanksgiving.

So why is a restaurant selling a turkey of a sleep helmet?

Well, I’m assuming the November timing is no coincidence. But the chain is evidently also hawking a bird-and-bread combo it wants you to gobble gobble.

Fox News reports:

The Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow, which premiered by way of an “infomercial-style ad,” does indeed resemble a deep-fried turkey. However, instead of resting your head on the soft and golden brown bird, your face goes inside, so it acts as both a pillow and an eye mask.

“The delicious looking hat is designed so you can rest easy and comfortably after eating all the turkey (or Deep-Fried Turkey sandwiches) you want,” Arby’s said in a statement shared with Fox News.

The turkey hat coincides with the release of an Arby’s limited-time Deep-Fried Turkey Sandwich, which is available at participating locations nationwide.

Unfortunately, if you’re dying to get in bed and shove your face into meat — or pretend to — your immediate chances may have flown the coop: The roast beef giant has completely sold out.

Nevertheless, you can still enter to win one here — along with a coupon for 50% off a turkey sandwich or wrap.


And in the meantime, amuse your friends and seduce that special someone with the Arby’s Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow photo filter.

What could be weirder? Or a more appropriate way to wrap up 2020?

Plus, with continued lockdowns, the virus having opened a Pandora’s Box of unprecedented political power — especially for those in California, given Gavin Newsom’s thunderous Thanksgiving rules — some might say we may as well end the year with birds on our heads…the turkeys in government are already on our a–es.



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