University Professor Hails RBG Over Any 'MAGA...Bootlicker,' and Her Location Speaks Volumes

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An anthropology professor has strong views about Ruther Bader Ginsburg.

And perhaps even stronger ones about you.

On Friday, Professor Sarah Parcak took to Twitter to praise the late Supreme Court justice:


“She hung on as long as she could. Icon. Genius. Loving wife, mother, grandmother. Beloved wearer of Egyptian menat collars adorning Pharoahs of old. Powerful arbiter of truth and justice, even when she was in the minority. In her honor, dig deep, fight like hell, VOTE #rbg.”


Five minutes later — either in response to naysayers or preemptively — what began as a nice tribute took a tonal turn:

“Trolls, go f— yourselves straight to hell. You’re all getting blocked. Not tonight.”

Then things got really wild.

Following an attagirl over Ruth’s 60-second abs, Sarah brutally ripped supporters of Donald J. Trump:

“RBG planked for a minute for multiple sets at AGE 86 and did tons of pushups. She was stronger in her mid 80’s than any [MAGA] f—stick bootlicker could ever dream of.”

In contrast to her previous post, the professor appeared to assume only likeminded voters were reading:

“Take that energy with you tonight and always into the voting booth, the polls, and online to donate.”


It’s a potent message to any Trump-supporting student: This is your teacher’s opinion of you.

And there are surely RedStaters in class — Sarah’s an instructor…at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

On Sunday, she tweeted a stab — presumably — at Brett Kavanaugh:

“You know what happens when the most brilliant ethical judges with huge hearts and love for this country get nominated+confirmed to the Supreme Court? When they die, our country weeps. Imagine a SCOTUS filled with qualified judges and not rapist drunken abusers.”

Given her locale, call her a black sheep. Maybe add “Lives Matter” to that.

As covered by RedState’s Nick Arama, at the end of May, the southern scholar offered a dadgum tutorial on how to tear down a monument:



She even recommended a soundtrack:


“WATCH THAT SUMBITCH TOPPLE GET THE %^&* OUT OF THE WAY IT WILL SMASH RUN AWAY FROM DIRECTION. Then celebrate. Because #BlackLivesMatter and good riddance to any obelisks pretending to be ancient Egyptian obelisks when they are in fact celebrating racism and white nationalism.”

The school, incidentally, is located in downtown Birmingham:


The world is an uncertain mystery, but I know this: When all the above takes place courtesy of a college teacher in Alabama — who remains a college teacher in Alabama — we’re in the midst of a national cultural revolution.

A left-wing one, to boot.

But not the licking kind.



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