Larry Elder Thanks the Left for 'Pushing the Lie' Inciting Saturday Night's Police Shooting

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A person holds up a sign advocating for defunding the police as people gather to mark Juneteenth, Friday, June 19, 2020, in St. Louis. Juneteenth is the holiday celebrating the day in 1865 that enslaved black people in Galveston, Texas, learned they had been freed, more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


On Sunday, Larry Elder sent out a Thank You note.

As you likely know, outside a Metro rail station in Compton, California Saturday night, two police officers were ambushed.

One female and one male deputy was each shot in the head.

As reported by RedState’s Mike Miller, security footage caught the attack on tape: (Language Warning for all the clips in this article):

Individuals showed up to St. Francis Hospital — where the officers were being treated — and reportedly blocked the emergency room entrance.

Some brought a message: “We hope they die.”

One guy oinked:


There has been, of course, a pervasive narrative over the last several months, and to a degree for much longer than that: American law enforcement is out to commit genocide against black people.

From such a message comes comments like these, from actress Tiffany Haddish in July:

“I am not a fearful person…but, like, I have watched many of my friends — not many, but more than two — of my friends growing up be killed by police officers. And it makes you feel like, ‘Dang, as a black person, we’re being hunted.’ And I’ve always felt like that. We’re hunted, and we’re slaughtered.”

Not to mention this:

It’s encapsulated by the mantra embraced by politicians across the nation as well as cultural influencers: Defund the Police.

And if police are — en masse — out to murder black citizens, what of an uprising?

So come chanting marches in the streets:


Eventually, it might stand to reason, follows war.

Perhaps two shots of the battle were fired in LA.

And conservative Larry Elder wishes to thank those who, in his view, have incited the violence:

“Thanks #BlackLivesMatter@BarackObama; @DNC; @CNN; @MSNBC; @TheRevAl; condescending “woke” media; condescending “woke” academia; and condescending “woke” Hollywood for pushing the lie that cops kill blacks just because they’re black. This is the result. Happy?”

As noted by The Daily Wire, during the September 3rd episode of his eponymous show, a caller accused Larry of denying that police are broadly murdering people due to their race.

He ran down the numbers:

“Recent years, the police have killed an average of a thousand people a year. This is a population of 350 million Americans. Some 40 million are black. I’ve heard the number 35, 35, 32, it’s around in there, okay? In the last 60 years, according to the Centers for Disease control, the rate at which people have…shot and killed blacks has declined 75% percent. Last year, near as we can figure out, there were 25 unarmed black people killed — not just shot and killed, but killed by many other ways. Twenty-five. At least as many unarmed whites have been killed by the police as unarmed blacks.

“Of all the…people police killed, less than 4% are ‘white cop killing unarmed black person.’ And again, ‘unarmed person’ does not necessarily mean ‘not dangerous.’ Michael Brown was unarmed, was perceived, reasonably, as dangerous.  His DNA was found on the officer’s gun.  And, for example, when that immigrant was killed in New York some years ago, Amadou Diallo, he was cornered. The police had a suspect who looked like him. They had the wrong guy, but they asked him to show his hands. He reached into…his pocket to pull out his wallet, the police thought he was going for a firearm, blew him away.

“Hillary pronounced the people who killed him ‘murderers’ publicly, then later on apologized because there hadn’t been a trial yet, hadn’t been one word of testimony yet. All of them were found not guilty by a multi-ethnic jury.  So just because you are unarmed does not necessarily mean that you were not reasonably perceived as dangerous.  So when you get down to those who were unarmed and were not reasonably perceived as dangerous, you’re talking about a tiny, tiny fraction.  Even less than the 4% of all the people…killed by the police.”


Larry also address an oft-quoted statistic comparing blacks and whites shot by cops:

“It is true that the police are two-and-a-half times more likely to kill a black person than a white person. It’s also true, unfortunately, that a young black male is eight to ten times more likely to be the victim of a homicide than a young white male. That’s why the cops are there. … [O]f all the homocides in this country, 50% of them are black victims. And 94% of these black victims were likely killed by other blacks. We say ‘likely,’ because some of these are unsolved. Like in Chicago, where 75% of the homicides are unsolved.

“And you look at cities like LA, like New York, where the police departments — the staff — reflects the demographics of the city. I’m in LA. LA is 40% Hispanic, as is the LAPD. … It’s about 9% or so…black, as is the LAPD. I mean, honestly, from 1992-2002, we had back-to-back black police chiefs. And one of them was a chief during the O.J. Simpson case.”

Regardless of the numbers, a terrible tide is rising. It’s in the streets and on TV. It’s being promoted by politicians and the media. And it’s one of revolt.

And as seen in Compton Saturday night, it’s one of imminent danger.


For everyone.



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