If You Picket, It'll Never Heal: Portland Mayor Assumes the Violence Will 'Just Burn Itself Out'

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Federal officers are surrounded by smoke as they push back demonstrators during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Wednesday, July 29, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


America has a growing problem in the form of violent rioting.

Here’s the current paradigm:

  • Person A does something perceived as wrong.
  • People — including Person B — take to the streets and burn things belonging to Person C, who has never even met Person A.

If effective protest is accomplished by destroying what is owned by someone wholly unrelated to the incendiary act, it would seem more sensible if Person B destroys his or her own things: That way, two victories are attained:

  1. Person B‘s sacrifice effectively signals virtue.
  2. Person C is subsequently not victimized by Person B, who otherwise is avenging victims by making more of them.

But I guess people are sold on sockin’ it to Person C, and recently, Portland’s head honcho came across as not minding much.

As relayed by The Washington Free Beacon, Mayor Ted Wheeler has yet to dole out consistent direction in the fight against violence, theft, arson, and chaos propelled by roving and raving ninjas.

It would almost appear that’s precisely his job, but I guess he’s got other stuff to do.

Maybe the kitchen’s needed moppin’.

No big deal on the mess — while the city burns, he thinks a clean sweep’s a-comin’.

Speaking to Oregon Public Radio, Ted indicated the whole thing’ll “just burn itself out.”


So, I suppose, pick it and it’ll never heal.

Here’s how Ted put it, about May-ignited anarchy and effective strategies of law enforcement:

“They’ve tried everything from not showing up to preemptively dispersing crowds, and some of those strategies, in my opinion, have worked well. Others have not worked well. My expectation is the police bureau will evolve, and as they see a need for change, they’ll change.”

“Everything from not showin’ up” — ya don’t say…

Ted told OPB the unprecedented destruction of the city might just kind of fizzle like a long burning fire (of a Target?).

From the outlet’s report:

“I want to remind people when they say, ‘when is this all going to end?’ the nonviolent part of this probably won’t end for quite some time,” Wheeler said. “And I’m reminded regularly by people in this community who were engaged in the struggle for civil rights: The civil rights movement lasted a lot longer than two and a half months.”

And as for the nightly violence that accompanies it?

“I believe this will ultimately burn itself out,” the mayor said.

Courtesy of the Beacon, it sounds like Mr. Wheeler’s been spinning his, well, you know:

Wheeler previously proposed to top aides a “high-risk” policing approach in which police would be ordered to stand down and not respond to rioters. He never put those measures into effect, leaving local police without clear directives in dealing with crowds, whether they are rioting, looting businesses, or setting fire to government buildings.


The joint might could use some sort of effective address. Over the last few months, cops have made over 500 arrests.

Police remain overwhelmed.

As I covered Monday, on Sunday night alone, 35 officers had to abandon patrol duty after a riot was declared.

That situation saw 23 revolutionaries ages 19-44 taken into custody and 80 emergency callers put on hold.

But hey — over time, it’ll probably just burn itself out.

Or down.



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