How Do You Change the World? Shout the Unprintable Outside Some Guy's House, Of Course

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Protesters march down the street during a solidarity rally for George Floyd, Sunday, May 31, 2020, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Protests were held throughout the city over the death of Floyd, a black man in police custody in Minneapolis who died after being restrained by police officers on Memorial Day. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)


Warning: Vulgar language ahead.

The revolution continues.

On Wednesday, protestors gathered outside the home of New York’s police union president to…well, who knows?

The group’s been characterized as “Black Lives Matters” participants, but I’m not sure that means anything.

Firstly, BLM™ officially has political goals unrelated to the value of black lives, such as the dissolution of the nuclear family and the promotion of Marxism.

Secondly, it appears to me we’re watching the actions of middle-to-upper-class (overwhelmingly white, if that’s at all relevant) young people who’d love to dress in black and get the feeling they’re changing the world by blocking traffic, destroying things they don’t own, and occasionally putting innocent people in the hospital compliments of murderous violence.

Whatever you choose to call those people, they camped out in front of NYC Police Benevolent Association head honcho Pat Lynch’s house for an hour to shout things such as:

“All cops are bastards!”

Another treat:

“NYPD, s-ck my d—!”


Pat told the New York Post the crowd was flushing time down the tube:

“New York City police officers will protect your right to protest wherever it can be done safely and legally, including in front of my house. But these protesters  should realize they are wasting their time. Their campaign of harassment and intimidation might have the politicians running scared, but it will have zero impact on the PBA.”

And as for anyone feeling safe, it isn’t helping:

“It also isn’t helping New Yorkers who feel under siege after months of brutal violence on our streets. Our neighborhoods want cops focused on stopping the bloodshed, not wrangling a bunch of protesters who biked in from Manhattan.”


As I covered previously, Big Apple’s police union broke tradition last Friday night by officially endorsing a presidential candidate: Donald J. Trump. Could that have served as catalyst for the protest? I’d guess not, as that would more appropriately fit a scheme of strategy involving doable objectives rather than — the best I can tell — directionless public interruptions.

As for the vulgar scene outside Pat’s house and the shouted phrases for neighborhood kiddos to hear in fear, it seems to me a component of society’s gone considerably awry when multiple adults ask themselves, “How do we change the world” and the embraced response is “I know — go to some guy’s house and yell for him to —- our —-s!”

Mission Not Accomplished.

Boy, have we got some problems to solve.

In the meantime, if their purpose was related to Trump, Failure there again: No one’s mistaking the crowd for Republicans, and the protest isn’t helping the DNC.




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