He's Back: Beto Pops In to Call the Texas GOP a 'Death Cult' and Champion COVID King Cuomo

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Presidential candidate and former congressman Beto O’Rourke speaks with the media outside the Walmart store in the aftermath of a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Andres Leighton)


I miss Beto O’Rourke.

The skateboarding, punk-rock-playing political contender kept last year alight as he electrified with bright bulbs of the bizarre.

Over and over, he appeared to speak with absolutely zero consideration of…the words.

A few greatest hits–

The guy who inherited millions and then married into a half-billion-dollar fortune promised he’d fight against…wait for it…privileged wealth:

After a man pulled out a gun and, horrifically, killed 22 innocent people, O’Rourke blamed…Donald Trump:

He also claimed the President had demanded all Muslims be banned:

“In a country with a president who called for a ban on all Muslims — one where Muslim Americans confront discrimination, ignorance, and violence — we must not only tolerate our differences, but celebrate them. Join me in wishing Eid Mubarak to all those recognizing Eid Al-Adha.”


As Commander-in-Chief, Beto asserted no one on earth was good enough for America but him.

Additionally, the stunningly wealthy candidate told Americans their lifestyles of excess had starved South and Central Americans and caused illegal immigration.

My personal favorite ode to the odd was when he assured everyone their hunting rifles would be just fine; he’d only confiscate their AR-15’s — even though the AR-15 is the country’s best-selling hunting rifle.

And remember when he proved he was just like you by changing his tire without getting dirty?

Lastly, how could we forget when he said a mouthful:

Well, for those of you who’ve missed America’s boldest confiscator of firearms, Beto’s back.

During a Tuesday interview on MSNBC, he asserted the Texas GOP wants black and Latino Americans to die.

And the state’s Republican Party, as per O’Rourke, is a “death cult.”


Host Ali Velshi asked about the Longhorn State and its handling of COVID-19.

O’Rourke said it’s a mess:

“[T]he Rio Grande Valley, and particularly Hidalgo County, is just getting the stuffing knocked out of it. They’re running out of beds and space in their hospitals and clinics. They’re running out of nurses and doctors to take care of the patients. It’s so bad that some ambulances are waiting up to ten hours in order to discharge the patients that they picked up because there is no bed there to receive them. There’s no longer space in the morgues, in the funeral homes, so they’re stacking the bodies in refrigerated trucks right there.”

He’s not a fan of Gov. Greg Abbott:

“[O]ur governor…inexplicably, will not only not issue a stay-at-home order for the state of Texas, he will not allow the county judge there, Richard Cortez, to issue one for Hidalgo County to save the lives of the people that he was sworn to serve and to represent. And I want to make sure this is not lost on your viewers, that county is 95% Mexican American.

“We know that Latinos and African Americans are disproportionately bearing the burden of COVID transmission that is out of control in the state of Texas. This governor, our governor, Greg Abbott, is choosing to allow people to die when he could choose to allow county judges to save their lives.”


Beto thinks he knows just what Texas needs — Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

“This is one of the most craven, callous failures of leadership that I’ve ever witnessed in my life. We don’t have a Governor Cuomo here, which we desperately need. Someone who’s going to be guided by the facts and the science and the truth, and whose sole mission is going to be saving the lives of those that he is elected to serve. Instead, we have a governor who perhaps is looking at the 2022 Republican primary for the office that he now holds, trying to fend off our lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick, who on Fox News said there are more important things than living.”


“In other words, let’s get on with the dying, knowing full well that it will be those front-line workers making $7.25 an hour, which is the minimum wage in Texas; it’ll be African Americans, it’ll be Latinos and Mexican Americans who will be doing the dying right here in Texas. This is a death cult, the Texas GOP, only they want you to do the dying, and that’s exactly what is happening in Texas right now.”

Strong words.

Putting the cult of death aside, what do you think? Do we all need Andrew Cuomo to clean up this country?

Cuomo might think so — as I covered Tuesday, the governor claimed residents from other states are “fleeing” to New York because it’s so “safe.”


I’d say that’s at the very least up for review.

As is, perhaps, Beto’s eye for analysis.

But it’s good to have the fella back. If for just a moment.


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