Three Men Break Into a Gun Collector's Home, None of Them Leave Without Leaks, Only One Leaves the Good Way

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Whether the police are defunded or not, your first line of defense doesn’t come from someone with a badge. In most situations, of course, when time is of the essence, you’re on your own.


A squad car can show up after the fact, and a report can be written; but in most cases when danger finds you, a cop won’t be your salvation.

A Florida homeowner can attest to such, as he was recently met with a middle-of-the-night home invasion.

As relayed Fox News, the man was playing video games around 1 a.m. Friday night in the Wesley Chapel area when he heard shattering glass.

Subsequently, he grabbed his firearm.

As it turned out, a crew of young men had broken in.

The intruding trio consisted of 21-year-olds Luis Casado and Khyle Durham as well as 19-year-old Jeremiah Trammel.

It was three against one, but the king of the castle was locked and loaded.

More from Fox 35 Orlando:

[T]he homeowner…saw the first suspect down a long hallway wearing a dark ski mask and dark clothing and pointing a gun at him.

The homeowner fired and the suspect went down, according to [Pasco County Sheriff’s Office].

That’s when the victim saw a second suspect down the same hallway pointing a gun at him, so he fired again. At some point, a suspect fired his gun, [Sheriff Chris Nocco] said.

After Luis and Kyle went down, Jeremiah got bulleted.

The homeowner’s gun then jammed. As he sought a replacement, the imperiled teen made it out of the house.

But the bleeding burglar didn’t get far — incredibly, an armed neighbor caught and held him ’til deputies showed up.


Jeremiah was taken to the hospital for his gunshot wound. He had a previous arrest for battery among other crimes.

His accomplices — who Sheriff Chris described as “extremely violent” criminals — didn’t make it.

As it turned out, the homeowner had a relationship with the three which involved — in the sheriff’s words — “some type of known entity.”

Chris also said the homeowner may have been targeted due to his gun collection, which he’d shown via social media.

As per WRBW, Jeremiah was charged not only with home invasion robbery, but also with murder for the deaths of Luis and Khyle in the commission of a crime.

I’m not a master criminal, but I’d venture these are words to live by: When looking for a valuable collection to steal via armed robbery, maybe pass on a valuable collection of GUNS. Whoever owns that is probably going to shoot you.

Then again, what do I know?

I know at least know this: When you’re alone and no one else can help, you have to help yourself. And when you need the best defense against the worst of foes, a gun is your best bet.

It was on Friday night. And it’ll continue to be, so long as there is deadly evil in the world.

Stay safe out there, and enjoy my collection of insane criminal articles below.




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