To Fight COVID-19, a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Hits the Courtroom in a Hazmat Suit

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Did you wear your mask today?

Samuel J. Rabin probably did.

The Florida attorney’s a “safety first” kind of guy.

That’s merely my interpretation, but I could point to a bit of evidence.


Namely, the 20-year veteran of the law showed up in a Miami courtroom recently sporting a hazmat suit.

Florida’s seen a COVID climb as of late — cases in the state have doubled in the last couple weeks.

The palm tree paradise is sitting at 213,794 total cases; 179 per million population have passed away. New York’s looking at 1,660 deaths per; New Jersey, 1,728. Hawaii, 13.

Back to total cases, I suppose Samuel wants to make sure he isn’t #213,795.

As per the Daily Mail, Miami’s been hit particularly hard, boasting nearly a quarter of Florida’s cases.

Hence, a certain man’s decision to stop just shy of a full-body condom.

Or, perhaps, just beyond one.

The Mail reports he got some high fives:

While police officers gave the tick of approval to Rabin’s protective outfit, court marshals also signaled their support.

“I don’t blame you, man!” one of the workers reportedly yelled at Rabin as he made his way into the courtroom.

Even the judge presiding over the sentencing of Rabin’s client did not reprimand him for the unorthodox courtroom couture.

“She understood, quite frankly, and wasn’t upset about it in any way,” Rabin told


The Florida Bar even tweeted about the getup:

“‘It would have been a nice touch if he had worn a tie on the outside of the hazmat suit,’ Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Miguel M. de la O commented on Twitter.”

Good call, Judge Miguel.

Samuel’s a criminal defense attorney, and though his fashion sense may itself be a crime, you’ve gotta hand it to him — he’s not likely to be sniffling any time soon.

So if you’re in extremely fashionable Sonny Crockett’s favorite city to solve crimes and you’re in need of a healthy defense, give Sam a call.


Just don’t be surprised when he shows up looking like a lab rat — the guy pairs his 3M suit with rubber gloves, a respirator mask, and a face shield.


And if, some day, you happen upon a hot date with Mr. Rabin — or anyone of his ilk — maybe be prepared for a bit of this:



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