In an Effort to Fight Racism, a Rhode Island Donut Shop Cancels Discounts for Military and Police

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Activists put their hands up during a march in the Prospect Heights section of the Brooklyn borough of New York on Sunday, May 31, 2020. Demonstrators took to the streets of the city to protest the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 after he was pinned at the neck by a Minneapolis police officer. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)


The power of the news cycle mystifies me. It tells the world what’s important, to a fever pitch. Then it switches to something else, and though the previous topic remains unchanged, it’s as if it no longer exists.

And what’s most surprising: There are people who follow. They’re upset about whatever the news is upset about. Until they’re told to be upset about something different.

Just a few weeks ago, an outrageous and evil killing occurred. George Floyd died at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers — Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng, and Tou Thao.

Somehow, that incident was turned into a white vs. nonwhite metaphor. And that transformed into a “The thing America needs is no more police” war cry.

Personally, I could use some Dramamine; the word’s spinning too fast.

Nevertheless, the new normal (for now) appears to be that we all deserve anarchy, and anything else is inexcusable.

And a Rhode Island maker of fine fried desserts wants everyone to know they’re with the moment’s woke majority.

Therefore, Allie’s Donuts has announced it won’t offer discounts to police or military personnel anymore.

“[We] believe the time is now to come together to find solutions to what has created so much fear and strife. Together, as those with voices speak up, the people that CAN make a difference will, indeed, MAKE THAT difference.”


So the nation’s uniformed agents will have to fork over more for a glazed cruller.

Racism, this is Ground Control. We’ve solved you.

The doughy distributor’s declaration toward decency comes after a Providence fireman reported he’d been racially profiled by two cops.

At a protest Friday, the 23-year-old firefighter told WPRI two boys in blue approached him with their guns drawn — while he was wearing his fireman uniform.

The Providence Firefighters Union also blasted the blunder, decrying the fact that, “even in uniform, a young black man is not immune from the impact of systemic, institutional racism.”

Allie’s made things clear on Instagram:

“We’re fed up. Until local police takes [sic] action to solve problems with racism & injustice, @alliesdonuts will choose to stand with the people of our great state. We will no longer offer military or police discounts. Thank you for your service, and shame on you for your silence.”

As noted by The Washington Free Beacon, Allie’s called the profiling incident “an example of terrible job performance.” It also lamented that the cops wouldn’t face consequences for their actions.


The shop is hoping its customers will be cool with casting off officers and armed forces members.

Owner Matt Drescher explained:

“Hopefully, we will not lose customers over our willingness to speak up. Our voice is tiny. Hopefully, we can nudge those with louder voices in the community to take action towards a greater community good.”

Matt also pointed out that Allie’s respects “the military for their sacrifice, and their duty.”

“We love every policeman, every fireman, every nurse, every National Guard member, every Naval recruit and officer and all of the men and women in the Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, and armed forces.”

“We believe that ALL people in our community are our brothers and sisters,” he wrote.

So there ya go. If you know any cops or sailors or soldiers or so on, if they’re looking for a good doughnut, Allie’s might be the place for them.

So long as they don’t need a discount.

Thank you, and shame on you.




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