'F-ing Nazis!' A Man in a Red Hat is Chased and Attacked by a South Carolina Mob

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Oliver Lester, of Montgomery, wears a hat with President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan as he watches results come in for Gov. Kay Ivey at a watch party, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in Montgomery, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)


During this time of extreme rioting and looting in America, some are blaming Donald Trump.

Case in point:

See more on the above courtesy of Nick Arama’s RedState piece “Just Ignore Your Own Eyes, CNN’s Josh Campbell Implies White Supremacists Behind Riots In Minneapolis.”

Unfortunately, on Saturday — thanks to a climate of political fury — a man in South Carolina couldn’t ignore his eyes — they were looking at dozens of angry anti-Trumpers coming after him.

And why? He was wearing a red hat.

A response of the crowd: “F—–g Nazis!”

If only they knew that word stood for “National Socialists.”

But hey — it’s not history class; it’s a violent mob.

As relayed by The Daily Wire, Miranda Parnell — a reporter for Columbia’s WLTX — was covering protest in the city.

She caught on video Mr. Red Hat’s meeting with the others.

It didn’t go well for him.

At all.

Language Warning:


Many on Twitter were fine with it (more language to come):


Clearly, we have a disastrous division in America. Portions of the populace react to those across the aisle with no apparent understanding of what they believe. The citizenry is bubbled; echo-chambered. And there are narratives at work feeding fear and desperation to those who lack the comfort of required information.

At the same time, an entire generation has been taught that words and ideas are violence.

And how do you stop violence? According to some, with more of it.

When a person can be chased and attacked for his or her viewpoint, we’ve reached a point of dire need.

There was a time when one ideological side trumpeted tolerance above all else. Whether that side ever rose to the occasion of practicing it, it’s now an altogether discarded idea.

And in its place now lies tyranny.

So I ask you: What can turn the tide of that captured in the clip above? What is the path to One Nation Under God? Or One Nation at all?

Sometimes I see the world and its torn seams, and I don’t know if there exists a needle and thread big enough.


Tell me: What do you see? And where is the tie that can bind?

I look forward to hearing from all of you in the Comments section.



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