Colorado Business Owner Opens in Violation of the State Order, and She's Ready to Go to Jail: 'It'd Be Worth It'

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On Tuesday, Colorado business owner Karen Starr made an announcement: She’s resorting to a life of crime.

To be clear, Karen’s the proprietor of Karen’s Kafe and Stephanie’s Bar and Grill in the city of Calhan. And her newfound law-breaking ways come courtesy of a decision to open the joint — against the edict of a statewide COVID-19 order.

Roping in another Calhan eatery also unlocking their doors, on Facebook, she rolled out her resistance.

“Karen’s Kafe And Stephanie’s Bar and Grill with Western Omelette 3 in Calhan CO have decided to respect your Constitutional Rights and Protections! As of 6 May 2020, you will once again have the Right to Choose dine in. We Will be operating at 50% or less capacity to continue to maintain social distancing. We will continue to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. We will continue to offer curbside pickup, regular takeout and delivery.”

As per her conversation with Colorado Springs’s KKTV, Karen’s intention isn’t to “[go] against the governor.” Rather, it’s about Americans’ “constitutional right to assemble.”

She told the station her establishment’s safe — food is served on paper plates, refills come in new cups, and tables are at minimum 6 feet apart.

But El Paso County Public Health isn’t nearly as confident. As they relayed to CBS11, the department’s informed Karen that, if she opens for in-person dining, she’ll be in violation of Colorado’s Safer At Home order.


Karen agrees — she will be.

And she ain’t skeered:

“Absolutely. If I went to jail, it’d be worth it.”

Those are chips she may be able to cash in.

What a bizarre time in which we’re living, when someone can go to jail for trying to run a restaurant.

Karen ended her Facebook post with something we, even more than usual, appear to greatly need: “God Bless America.”



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