A Democratic Congressional Candidate Claims It's Red States That Are 'Welfare Queens'

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Did you know conservative states are welfare queens? Well, now ya do — courtesy of a recent Democratic congressional candidate.

On Tuesday, the President wrote that he opposes well-run states funding poorly-operated ones — mismanaged states shouldn’t be bailed out by those smartly guided. The virus is no excuse:

“Well run States should not be bailing out poorly run States, using CoronaVirus as the excuse! The elimination of Sanctuary Cities, Payroll Taxes, and perhaps Capital Gains Taxes, must be put on the table. Also lawsuit indemnification & business deductions for restaurants & ent.”

As noted by The Daily Wire, it isn’t the first time Trump’s spoken out against bailouts. In April, he downed Illinois after legislators asked for billions in pension relief as part of a coronavirus bailout:

“Why should the people and taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run states (like Illinois, as example) and cities, in all cases Democrat run and managed, when most of the other states are not looking for bailout help? I am open to discussing anything, but just asking?”


In response to Tuesday’s tweet, Cenk Uyger — head honcho of The Young Turks — insisted any Democratic president with cajones would wholly cut off America’s red states.

And furthermore, Cenk claimed, “almost all” the nation’s conservative states “are welfare queens who live off the blue states.”

Here’s the news, straight from the newsman:

Apparently, some liberals weren’t happy with him for suggesting poor citizens of more than 30 states should be hung out to dry.

So he schooled ’em with an explanation of what the GOP does:

“For all the liberals hating on this tweet, let’s go over how this normally works. 1. Republicans do terrible things to us. 2. We complain. 3. We don’t fight back. 4. If anyone on our side fights back, we attack them as uncivil. 5. We lose.”


A few minutes later, Uyger made clear he wasn’t supposed to be taken literally. He’s just being a firefighter:

“Second, I know a lot of you don’t know me or watch @TheYoungTurks so you don’t know, OF COURSE I’m not actually advocating to hurt people in red states. Progressive policies also get them healthcare & raise their wages. But rhetorically sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.”

After that, he illustrated that he lets everyone think their own way:


He’s certainly a free-thinker himself — in addition to claiming conservatism and welfare go hand in hand, in August of 2018, he dropped a bodacious bomb. The political commentator blasted that bastion of right-wing radicalism — the mainstream media:

“This whole @benshapiro offering to debate @Ocasio2018 issue is ridiculous and shows the bias of the media in favor of the right-wing. Fine, I offer the same $10,000 to debate @tedcruz. Not joking. Guaranteed it gets no coverage. Why won’t the bumbling coward Ted Cruz debate me?!”

Doggone that Tea-Partyin’ CNN!

Back to the claim of the red taking from the blue, is Cenk — who made a bid in March’s special election to fill California’s 25th District’s open seat — correct?

Here’s The Federalist:

Against a national average of $1,935 in intergovernmental spending per American, red states receive just $1,879. Blue states get considerably more, at $2,124 per resident. Purple states see the least of their money returned to them per capita, at just $1,770. Measured in this way, the blue states are getting quite a bit more than the red or purple.


I would check that data with a news outlet like MSNBC, but what good would it do? I hear they’re dogmatically right-wing.



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