Pandemic Physician Assistant Tries to Protect Her Family By Isolating in an RV, HOA Says No Way 'Cause of Safety

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If you already hate homeowners associations, this probably won’t help.

In New Jersey, an HOA recently denied a family’s request to place an RV in their driveway so a physician assistant treating coronavirus patients could self-isolate to protect her loved ones.

Healthcare worker Anissa Braddock didn’t want to take a chance on infecting her husband, Jeff, or their 6-year-old daughter. Therefore, they posted to Facebook in search of an RV as her temporary home.

“My wife is dealing with COVID patients on a daily basis,” Jeff explained to Philadelphia’s FOX29.

The pair struck gold: Moorestown residents Beth and Max Fisher swooped in with a camper free of charge, and the Braddocks submitted their request to the Homeowners Association of the Townhomes at Laurel Creek.

That garnered a big fat No.

Jeff and Anissa don’t have a shared driveway, but perhaps it’s better for the fam to get deathly ill than to ugly-up the joint.

The HOA provided a statement to WTXF. As it turns out, they’re all about safety:

“While we empathize with the plight of everyone on the front lines fighting coronavirus, and those who wish to live in separate quarters from their family members, our community was not designed in a way that makes it safe for RVs to be parked outside the townhomes.”


Jeff was expecting something a bit different:

“Somebody working in the medical field, I would think you would go above and beyond (for them) right now.”


Courtesy of WTXF:

The board is partly made up of residents, some that the Braddocks say even vouched for them to have [the] camper.

The family was hoping to keep mom close by, as a comfort to their little girl.

And Jeff was hoping the HOA wouldn’t make things harder:

“It’s bad enough she can’t see us. So it’d be a little bit easier if it was just out front, and we could sit outside here, and I could bring my wife coffee in the morning when she’s going to work … Anything to make life easier.”

As FOX29’s Alex George put it, Anissa’s gonna be “nowhere near her family during this time.”

More from Alex:

“We also got in touch with Access Property Management here of the Laurel Creek Townhomes, and they said that they actually asked the association to reconsider under these circumstances, but the association has not done that at this time.”

So there ya go. One more wrench thrown into a COVID-19 mess.

Have you had better luck with HOA’s? Or worse? Let us all know in the Comments section.


Meanwhile, perhaps Anissa should thank every nay-saying member of the association for ensuring her family’s safety. She could do so every single day — after she gets off work.

She could stop by each house, and personally shake each hand — while she makes a “HOA” sound into her arm.



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