A California Mayor Receives an Online Accolade After Calling Trump Supporters Klan Members

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President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House, Monday, April 13, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)




Politics: A place where those in whose hands our plight has been placed say the dumbest things you’ve ever heard.

A mayor in Auburn, California is upholding that standard, with a comment on supporters of Donald Trump.

As reported by The Sacramento Bee, Mayor Bill Kirby took to Facebook recently to embarrass himself.

I mean, to criticize the Trump administration..

And you.

Last week, Bill decided it’d be a fantastic idea to post the following:

“Good news for Trump supporters is that most of them already have masks.”

Enjoy the image:


Smooth move.

These folks loved it:


As noted by Gold Country Media, Bill’s effort “included profanities and heated exchanges with others on Facebook.”

But hey, what’s the big deal? In an interview with the Auburn Journal Friday, the mayor said his FB page is totally unrelated to his position of leadership:

“[Facebook] is not a city site. It’s a personal site. This has nothing to do with my job. I re-posted it.”

And he cleared things up, in case there was any misunderstanding:

“I think [Trump] is a racist, absolutely.”

As for the insult to all who endorse the President, does Bill not believe some of ’em live his town?

Here’s what he had to say:

“They’re from all over the country. You look at all those emails, and see where they come from, and very few of them are citizens (of Auburn). I look at them, I read them, but you gotta understand, it’s all over.”

Following a severe backlash, Mr. Kirby announced at Monday night’s City Council meeting that he’ll be “[handing] the gavel” to Councilman Daniel Berlant come April 27th — the next scheduled meeting.

The mad mayor — who’s also a urologist — read a prepared statement.


“Am I angry and frustrated? Yes,” he noted with regard to the coronavirus pandemic. Bill explained that firefighters aren’t “allowed to go into a burning building to save lives without the proper equipment and backup,” and the Trump hadn’t been prepared.

From GCM:

Kirby…also mentioned putting his life on the line each day and seeing “nurses, respiratory therapists, other medical staff, first responders and my medical colleagues as well as their patients dying unnecessarily because of this. This president has put us all at risk.”

Councilwoman Cheryl Maki was unimpressed with Bill’s post. She lamented his leisure time to The Sac Bee:

“It’s unfortunate our mayor is spending his time posting hate speech on Facebook when there are so many more important things at this time … He promised not to do it anymore, and he continues to post hate speech. It’s divisive, unnecessary, and it’s harmful to our community.”

One of Kirby’s comments:

“If Hitler and everyone who supported him was removed from the face of the earth in 1939 the world would be a much better place. The same is more true of Trump and his supporters today.”


Get that? Not just true, but MORE.

Back to Monday’s meeting, here’s an additional bit from the Auburn Journal:

Kirby ended (his statement) by saying he would nominate Berlant to serve as mayor for the rest of the year.

Council member Cheryl Maki asked Kirby to pass the gavel to Vice Mayor Matt Spokely right then and let him run the meeting. Kirby answered, “No,” and asked for agenda approval.

The council later heard some 40 email and 10 voicemail comments about the mayor’s posts.

Oh, well. I would like to commend the soon-to-be-former politician on an honor he recently received.

On April 11th, Bill Kirby was named Dawgonnit.com’s “Dipshidiot of the Day.”

Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.



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