Penned by the Pandemic, a Man Runs a 26-Mile Birthday Marathon on His Patio

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While people are staying home, surely many are wondering how to get their exercise.

The gym’s closed.

Crossfit? Don’t even think about it.

What’s a quarantined soul to do?

James Campbell — celebrating his 32nd birthday during the world’s pandemic — decided to commemorate the occasion by running a marathon.


In his back yard.

That presented quite a challenge, given that his yard’s less than 25 miles long.

In fact, it’s only about a 20-ft stretch.

So James did what was only sensible: He must’ve measured the distance, calculated a bit, and then hoofed it across his yard.

At least 7,000 times.

But not before he advertised online: The former professional javelin thrower announced his #6metregardenmarathon, aimed at raising money for Britain’s National Health Service to help battle COVID-19.


He livestreamed the run, which took just over 5 hours.

As reported by HuffPost, even British soccer star Geoff Hurst was watching.

Like a scene out of Home Improvement, neighbors stuck their heads over his wooden fence to cheer him on.

From HuffPost:

Campbell ran across a patch of grass, some stones and a small patio in 6-meter (20-foot) stretches. He calculated he would have to traverse his yard at least 7,000 times to reach 42.2 kilometers (26.2 miles).

Astoundingly, James raised 18,000 pounds — the equivalent of $22,000.

Like they say, where there’s a will…

Some folks have a 24-Hour Fitness membership and never get off the couch.

James Campbell had nothing but a tiny piece of sod and ran a marathon.

The pandemic’s giving us quite a few gems to be filed under that saying about necessity and invention.

Hence, James has some stiff — or slick — competition.

This genius walks indefinitely…and never leaves his kitchen:


Now that you’re inspired by James, what are you waiting for? Go straight to your foyer.

And lap it 50,000 times.



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