Amid the Wuhan Shutdown, a Porn Site Woos Female McDonald's Employees Hurting for Money

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This Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016, photo shows the sign on the McDonalds on 42nd Street near Times Square in New York. McDonald’s reports financial results Friday, April 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)




A porn website is offering fast-food workers affected by America’s self-quarantine a McOpportunity.

Given the slump in business, female employees of Mickey D’s may be finding it hard to make ends meet.

Therefore, the website IsMyGirl is throwin’ ’em a bone. So to speak.

In a press release Thursday, the platform and subscription website sent out an invitation to the more than half-million McDonald’s staffers who might be lookin’ at a loss.

As reported by The Daily Caller, here’s IsMyGirl founder Evan Seinfeld’s enticing offer:

“As a result of the Coronavirus, many people have not been able to go work and earn a living. To supplement their incomes, people are turning to the online adult entertainment industry.”

And not only will you make the big bucks; you don’t even have to leave your bedroom:

“In addition to earning, models are able to conduct their business from the comfort and safety of their home.”

Out of their concern for families, the porn site wants to lend a dadgum hand:

“In an effort to help McDonald’s employees, and to make sure they can continue to provide for themselves and their families, we want to help provide them with a legitimate option.”

The Golden Arches are certainly sagging a bit as of late.


Take it from CNN Business:

McDonald’s is closing the dining areas at its corporate-owned restaurants amid concern over the coronavirus pandemic. It is also encouraging its franchisees, which operate about 93% of all locations, to do the same.

The company said all corporate-owned restaurants will close seating areas. However, drive-thru, walk-in take-out and delivery will still be available.

Evan’s company is there to catch you when you fall — so long as you fall naked:

“In response to news of McDonald’s closing seating and the potential for having nearly 517,000 employees with unpaid sick leave as a result of COVID-19,, an adult social media platform that helps models, influencers and adult entertainers to monetize their content, has offered all McDonalds workers an exclusive offer to earn 90% of their proceeds (after credit card processing).”

IsMyGirl isn’t the only adult site to show its benevolence in this time of potential crisis: As I covered Friday, the world’s biggest porn site — Pornhub — is currently offering its premium service to Italians stuck at home (here). I guess to give them something to do.

And in Las Vegas, a strip club will open its drive-thru Friday (here).



Back to IsMyGirl, if you know anyone who’d love to toss off that McDonald’s garb and not put anything back on, porn stardom awaits.

Also, of course, so could regret.

The Wuhan flu brings with it some interesting turns.

And I doubt there’ll be a straightening extremely soon.

Stay tuned — and turned on — for more.



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