Don't Mess With the Wuhan: Michael Avenatti's Own Attorney Won't Visit Him - in His Rat-Infested, Urine-Reeking Cell

(AP Photo/Amanda Lee Myers, File)

FILE- In this Sept. 24, 2018, file photo, Michael Avenatti, attorney for porn actress Stormy Daniels, talks to reporters after a federal court hearing in Los Angeles. A California judge on Monday, Oct. 22, ordered Avenatti to pay $4.85 million to an attorney at his former law firm–the first time the potential presidential candidate is being held personally liable in the case. (AP Photo/Amanda Lee Myers, File)




Move over Wuhan, we’ve got Michael Avenatti news.

Been wondering where the media’s favorite attorney’s been?

Judging from a letter to a Manhattan judge sent by his lawyer, Scott Srebnick, he ain’t been some place nice.

As reported by the New York Post, the letter requests a 30-day delay on the pre-sentencing interview, because Scott doesn’t wanna visit Michael in the rat-infested jail.

The reason? The coronavirus (sorry; your reprieve could only last so long).

The whole thing’s a downer; it sounds like Michael’s going a bit Howard Hughes:

“Mr. Avenatti’s cell was infested with rats. The jail reeks of urine. As of yesterday, Mr. Avenatti had not shaved in weeks.”

Unusual turn from a guy who perpetually touted himself on television.

And television, in turn, adored the anti-Trump circus man:

As Fox News host Howard Kurtz put it, the media loved Michael because “he was good TV, intensely anti-Trump, and they could keep running pictures of Stormy.”



But now, apparently — courtesy of a conviction for defrauding Nike — the poor guy’s sitting alone with rats and reeking, and part of that smell may be him.

And his own lawyer doesn’t wanna come near the guy.

Scott believes the Metropolitan Correction Center could be a fantastic breeding ground for covid-19:

“Meanwhile, across the country, public officials are declaring states of emergency as a result of the spread of the coronavirus. Health officials are uncertain of the actual risks. And, by all accounts, a prison facility poses among the highest risks of spread of infection.”

The letter concludes thusly:

“Given the uncertainty regarding the coronavirus, the ease with which it spreads, and the documented unsanitary conditions at the MCC-New York, I am requesting that the…background interview be adjourned.”

Michael Avenatti was once king of the world. At least, if you heard him tell it.

He was fighting that rat Trump, battling chivalrously to rid the nation of the MAGA disease.

2016 had struck, and the whole thing stunk like p***.

But now everything’s changed.


Except, apparently, for that p*** part.



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