Don Jr. Busts Hillary on Her SARS Lie From the Latest Anti-Trump Interview

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers Hunter College’s commencement address, Wednesday, May 29, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)




On Wednesday, tweeting pistoleer Donald Trump Jr. fired on Hillary over her remarks about the SARS virus.

In case you haven’t heard, Hillary loves to talk about Donald Trump.

Hence, she took to CNN to laugh and dismiss him.

Host Fareed Zakaria posed:

“So Donald Trump says there have been 100,000 cases of the coronavirus worldwide, and yet just a very small number in the United States. Should he get credit for that?”

Now brace yourself; sit down if you can — but Hillary thinks Trump hasn’t done a good job.

Yes — I’m serious. A bad job.

Hit it, Hil:

“I don’t think anybody should get credit for that. … What I’m worried about is the attitude that has been taken by the President himself and his administration — trying to downplay the risk, not being prepared. Initially pushing the experts out of the picture. Now, thankfully, they’re back in. And able to not only talk to the public but help to better manage how we’re responding.”

Did he do any of that?

Either way, let’s work this thing the right way — what do ya say we let Hillary insult the guy she can’t stand, then let her talk about how she’s better.

Why mess with the formula?

Here we go, in response to POTUS questioning some of the Obama White House’s handling the swine flu:

“Well, I don’t think the facts support that assessment. In fact, what we do know is that the SARS epidemic, which happened in the very beginning of the Obama administration — because I was Secretary of State at the time — really was a full-court press by the administration to be sure that, at every level — not only national, state and local, but globally — the United States was part of the response. … So there was a lot that was done under the Obama administration and, in fact, the Trump administration severely cut back the CDC budget, cut back this program of overseas vigilance…”


Surprisingly, she went on to say people shouldn’t be pointing fingers.

A couple minutes or so later, she talked of the “very serious error of the Trump administration” in the Iran nuclear deal.

Speaking of a bomb, as it turns out, in aligning herself with President Obama in the fight against SARS (and, therefore, against Trump), Hillary dropped a big one.

And Don Jr. was ready to blow her up on it.

Here’s info from the Mayo Clinic about a certain respiratory syndrome:

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a contagious and sometimes fatal respiratory illness. SARS first appeared in China in November 2002. Within a few months, SARS spread worldwide, carried by unsuspecting travelers. … There has been no known transmission of SARS anywhere in the world since 2004.

Now on to the former secretary of state: She became such in 2009, holding the position ’til 2013.

Therefore, here’s Jr:


Don may not wanna hold his breath on that one.

As for more on that whole finger-pointing thing, everyone watching CNN also got treated to this:

Fareed: When you look at the Trump administration, we’re now three years in. You were campaigning against somebody who’d never held any government office. And you were worried, and you sounded the alarm. Honestly, do you think it’s been as bad as you thought it would be?

There it goes, folks — the softball, slowly soaring up high.


Now here it comes…steadily down…

Raise that right elbow, Hil…

And, swing, batter batter, swing–

“It’s actually been worse, Fareed…”




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