Joe Rogan Waxes on Joe Biden's Apparent Incoherence: 'He Can't Be President'

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a primary election night campaign rally Tuesday, March 3, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)




As you’re surely aware, Joe Biden’s been confused.

A lot.

It makes for an interesting lead-up to November, and I’m generally for anything different than the same ol’ ho-hum political goings-on.

So let’s enjoy it.

But to be clear, I don’t think it’s something to ridicule, per say, because he looks to have some sort of genuine problem.

Podcaster and MMA Big Name Joe Rogan seems to feel the same.

Joe waxed on Joe recently, particularly on Biden’s recent recitation of the preamble.

It went a little somethin’ like this:

“We hold these truths to be selfel-evident, all men and women created by, go, you know the, you know the thing.”

Here’s what Rogan had to say:

“Stop. Pause. He can’t be president. Stop. Pause. Pause. Listen, we can’t play any games here, folks. This is a really old man who can’t talk. Like, this is not a joke. Like, that right now, ‘You know, the thing?’ Play that again. Play that again. This should get you into a mental hospital. They should be like, ‘Hey, um, Joe are you alright?’”

He’s not wrong.

Maybe not a mental hospital, but some thorough testing sure wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Donald Trump Jr. shared the clip online.

He wrote:

“@joerogan says what everyone is thinking but no one in the media is willing to say because they hate Trump. Imagine someone sent him the other 1000 clips just as bad as this one from the last few weeks?”

Rogan appeared captivated by the preamble gaffe:

“He had three strokes while he was saying that. The first one — what is that word? Self-evident? Was that what he said? But it didn’t even sound right. Hear it again. Listen to it. Listen. What was it? Selfel-evident. He’s drunk. That dude’s either drunk, or he can’t talk. He shouldn’t be doing this anymore.”

Of course, Joe’s not the only one noticing:


What I’m wondering is this: I’m sure many people around Biden were very aware of these issues. So why in the great big world did anyone — including the DNC — let him get this far?

The more air time he gets, the more his impairment is gonna show itself.

That’s an unworkable candidate.

I mean, who wants to turn on the State of the Union address and hear this:

Back to Rogan, it isn’t the first time he’s fallen short of being Team Biden.

The candidate’s said his first priority as president would be passing the Equality Act, which allows males to compete in female sports (here).

Joe’s got an opinion or two (and maybe some F Bombs as well, so watch out):

Oh, well. Biden doesn’t need Joe’s endorsement anyway.

After all, he’s got Rob Reiner’s:




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