Ex-Warren Staffers Attack a Politico Writer For Not Championing Their Candidate: 'Eat Sh--'

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks during a campaign event, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)




In the aftermath of Elizabeth Warren withdrawing from the race for White House domination Thursday, some former campaign staffers are sockin’ it to a guy who, apparently, didn’t toot the Warren horn when she in the game.

But Alex Thompson — the Politico correspondent assigned to cover Liz’s trek — doesn’t think it was his responsibility to blow it.

He explained in a Saturday morning tweet:

“Some Warren campaign staffers don’t have a good understanding of campaign journalism. Not my job to ‘actively support the candidate that you were assigned.’ It is my job to contact as many [people] as possible rather than just rely on what the campaign wants to give me.”

So what was he responding to exactly?

Alex provided some context in the form of screenshots from erstwhile Warren workers.

A choice sample: a dumpster paired with the suggestion that he should be thrown into it.

Perhaps most notable of all, he was told to “eat sh**”:



Yeah…yeah, they’re not fans. It’s almost certain.

[See more, and worse, here.]

On Friday, Alex tweeted a request for stories from the campaign trail, and that began the lashing.

One staffers schooled him on what went wrong on the way to November:

In a separate tweet, as reported by The Daily Wire, that same person offered this:


All the nastiness prompted responses from Warren’s campaign director as well as Daily Beast editor Sam Stein:


So there ya go — a peek behind the lines in the war for Democratic Glory.

There are clearly some bitter ex-soldiers who fought for the senator from Massachusetts.

But they shouldn’t fear for their leader — as we learned Thursday, there’s no one in the Democratic Party more powerful.

Obamas, Eat Your Hearts Out: MSNBC Calls Elizabeth Warren a Most Powerful Democrat Now That She’s Out



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