Obamas, Eat Your Hearts Out: MSNBC Calls Elizabeth Warren a Most Powerful Democrat Now That She's Out

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., waits to be announced into a gymnasium to speak at a caucus at Roosevelt Hight School, Monday, Feb. 3, 2020, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)




Well, she’s out. As you surely know, Elizabeth Warren — the reigning queen of the Democratic primaries — has removed herself from the running.

Nothing wrong with that — she couldn’t have won the White House.

As I wrote in September:

Donald Trump against the mild-mannered Democrat in a no-holds-barred debate will be like Dracula fighting a mosquito — they may both technically be out for blood, but one will just step on the other.

And nothing wrong with that, either: It’s not a put-down.

I love my grandmother, but she wouldn’t stand a chance onstage with Count Donula.

However, maybe I’ve been mistaken; MSNBC’s saying the former 2020 candidate is wildly powerful.

On Thursday, the network’s Nicolle Wallace pretty much fingered Liz as Power Player Numero Uno:

“[T]here is not a more powerful person right now in the Democratic Party.”

It sounds as if Warren’s hovering above her millions — and the horde is ready to go where she directs.

Perhaps like Khaleesi, lording over and her dragons.



Is that the reality?


Here’s Nicolle:

“I know a lot has been made about what impact former President Obama’s endorsement could have. I think that what Elizabeth Warren chooses is, at this hour, one of the most exciting questions on the table.”


NBC News correspondent Heidi Przybyla is all about it:

“You couldn’t be more right. And you are right. … I’ve looked at the polling data, and if you look at who her base is, it is the…demographic group that both of these candidates needs right now. It is those white, college-educated, suburban moms. Very liberal white women. Also some…minority women who support her. … Those are the women who made the difference, for instance, in the 2018 elections in Virginia. Those are the women who waited in the rain to try and put a check on President Trump. Those women are actually really worried about a second Trump presidency — more worried than they are about not getting a progressive agenda or having a revolution, so to say. Those are the women, if you just look to Michigan right now, that you’re starting to see coalesce around Biden. There is still some Sanders support there, but it is really false to assume that, just because she falls further on the progressive horizon towards Bernie Sanders that all of her people are just gonna go to Bernie Sanders.”

Back to Nicolle, she’s certainly got eyes for Liz.

As pointed out by The Washington Free Beacon, the TV host also said Warren’s legacy included “being the most prepared candidate in the room.”

Additionally, she previously called the former American Indian a “really, really, really good candidate.”


That’s a lot of really’s — I’d only maybe say tiramisu’s really, really good. And it’s delicious.

But here’s the primo assessment…

Not long ago, Nicolle also surmised the following:

“Elizabeth Warren is smarter asleep on Ambien than [Trump] is awake (and) jacked up on coffee.”


Well, for now, I suppose the dragons will wait.

As stated by the Free Beacon:

She said she will hold off on announcing her endorsement in the presidential race.

We’ll be waiting with baited (and Berning?) breath.



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