Funding for A Conservative Speaker is Denied Because She Doesn't Honor the 'Dignity' of All People - at Trinity University

Image courtesy of ulleo from Pixabay

Image courtesy of ulleo from Pixabay



Elisha Krauss has been rejected.

At Trinity University in San Antonio, a conservative group was denied funding to have The Daily Wire contributor speak as part of their Young Americans for Freedom lecture series.


The reason for the dishonor? Alignment.

As it turns out, according to the school, dishonorable Elisha wouldn’t bring a message “honoring the dignity and worth of every person.”

Here’s a piece of the rejection email obtained by YAF and relayed by TDW:

The finance committee discussed the alignment of the speaker’s message with TU values (specifically “honoring the dignity and worth of every person”) and the potential impact on the campus community.

Elisha told the Wire she was surprised by all the “message” talk, especially considering that she hadn’t yet determined what her talk would be about.

She also had this to say:

“Curious to know what writings, speeches, or even social media posts I have ever made that don’t adhere to honoring every human person and treating them with dignity and respect. … In fact, I often speak on issues about the importance of individual liberties and human rights that begin in the womb.”

Trinity University Young Conservatives of Texas Chair Julia Westwick suspects the core issue is sex:

“Trinity’s student government thinks the mainstream view of gender, held by Elisha Krauss and the majority of Americans, is dishonorable and not worthy of being given the same platform they repeatedly give to other student groups. his is a clear case of viewpoint discrimination against those who believe in science: the fact that there are only two genders and that men and women have inherent and biological differences.”


Furthermore, Julia believes it’s baloney:

“Trinity’s student government should not disadvantage any student group based on a speaker’s opinions. In doing so, they are not representing a significant portion of the student body, they are not supporting a culture of free speech, and they are discriminating against students with whom they disagree.”

To be clear, YAF can still hold their event, with permission from the Event Review Committee. However, to received funding, they’ll have to appeal the finance committee’s decision.

Elisha’s having a rough time of it as of late — earlier this month, a billboard promoting her appearance at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater was stolen.

Guess they didn’t honor her dignity.

We’re living in an age where words like “dignity” and “honor” have evolving meanings. The former seems to be morphing into “Agreement.”

In fact, it appears a whole batch of words are now taking on that definition.

Maybe eventually, all buzzwords will mean Agreement.

Or, perhaps I should say, Alignment.



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