A Woman Finds Out Her Husband's Barber Shop Is Men-Only, So She Reports It to the Local News: 'You Can’t Treat People That Way'

Image courtesy of OrnaW from Pixabay

Image courtesy of OrnaW from Pixabay



In Oklahoma, the patriarchy’s barbs are cutting.

Barbs, short for “barbers.”

Ponca City’s King Kuts has a hair-raising policy: No women allowed.


And Maliki Skowroski thinks they need to cut it out.

As told to KFOR, Maliki accompanied her husband to his haircut and beard-trimming appointment at KK.

But somebody flipped their wig:

“The man kind of ignores my husband, and just directly approaches me and says, ‘I’m sorry, but we have a strict no-women’s policy. You can’t be here.’

He’s like, ‘No. You’re a woman. This is like, a guys’ hangout. You can’t be here. You need to go.’”

The joint’s a men-only haven of hairstyling, and to Maliki, that’s just not cute:

“It’s not cute no matter how you describe it. It’s not cute. You can’t treat people that way. Nobody was there. I wasn’t offending somebody with my presence.”

But owner Daxton Nichols thinks his customer’s wife’s protest is a clear-cut case of a scissoring double standard:

“In New York City, there’s over 17 women’s only clubs where women can go and do the salon thing. And they can go get their nails done, and their hair done, talk business amongst each other, and do that whole women’s power ‘Hear me roar’ stuff.’”


“What are we doing to hurt somebody’s feelings? I mean, show me where we hurt you, really. I mean, this is just people getting offended just because they can.”


And King Kuts is, Daxton says, a club — for dudes who wanna let their manness all hang out.

Here’s more from Oklahoma City’s Channel 4:

Nichols says those salons, like his, are considered private clubs. Scott Seagraves is a barber at King’s Kuts, and he’s also the one who asked Maliki to leave. Saying it’s never been about discrimination, but creating a “man cave” atmosphere instead.

“We want guys to be able to come in here and be guys,” Seagraves said. “Not have to worry what they say or what they talk about because there’s a lady present.”

KFOR asked Daxton if guys can get a membership — or menbership — at the shop.

His reply:

“Yeah. When they pay a $20 fee.”

The reporter: You’re counting the fee for the hair as the membership fee?

Daxton: Why not?

Potato, po-tah-to.

But don’t get it twisted: The no-girls-allowed rule isn’t hard and fast, as noted by The Daily Wire:

Nichols allowed that moms were permitted to come in the shop with their sons if the dad isn’t available.

As for actually cutting hair, it seems to me there’s a bit of sense to focusing on one sex. Surely there’s lots to know about women’s styling that isn’t normally required for men’s.


But is it sexist to have a place that’s just for dudes?

Women are let into the YMCA; what happens when a man crashes Yoga class at the YWCA?

In Oklahoma, the battle of the sexes rages.

And Maliki Skowroski’s fluffed and ready to fight.

Unfortunately, in her attempt at victory, she may have ruined it for her husband at King Kuts. They might think he’s been clipped — kastrated by his Kween.



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