Jon Voight Manhandles Monolithic Hollywood: In Less Than 100 Seconds, He Delivers His Own State of the Union - and Praises Trump's




Did you love the State of the Union address? Jon Voight sure did.

And on Thursday, he praised the President and his message to the nation.


In a video posted to social media, Jon summed up the country in under 100 seconds.

Jon gave Donald Trump some pretty boss credit — he’s our best leader since Honest Abe:

“[L]et us continue our fight to keep our President of the United States of America in office, because he is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

It’s not something he just thought of; the Academy Award winner offered the same last May:

And with this best Commander-in-Chief, we’ll stand in the name of — here’s something you don’t hear about much from Hollywood — God:

“We will stand in the name of God. We will stand with President Trump, for he is the greatest president.”

When Mr. Voight heard Trump’s speech — which was, according to many, fantastic — he cried:

“Watching his State of the Union speech with pride and tears, I was moved by his words of wisdom.”

More praise for the Leader of the Free World:

“This is what a great man of honor takes on. And has done beyond his duties. He’s a father, a husband, a friend. He has done what God has asked for: to protect this country with open arms of love and protection for a nation that is targeted against by some of its own, along with enemies from across the world.”


Speaking of enemies of its own, Angelina Jolie’s dad ain’t too hot on that Pelosi woman:

“This Pelosi woman and her cohorts are a threat to the United States of America. … Her soul has evil intent.”

And they’re trying to destroy us:

“The Left radicals are trying — and I say trying — to bring down the United States of America with lies and barbaric behavior. This is not what God wants.”

Jon believes it’s up to conservatives to be a light:

‘[W]e the people of the Republican Party gift our knowledge to the ignorant. That they may open the door for truth.”

Each time I see J.V. speak on politics, God, or Donald Trump, I can barely believe it. This is a Hollywood icon. This [was] Brad Pitt’s father-in-law. This is a man firmly rooted in a world which appears to overwhelmingly believe the exact opposite of him. And yet, he thrives there.

But it’s sad that that’s surprising. When we look across the landscape of entertainment, we should see diversity — of thought. And an industry tolerant of different views.


Instead, it seems there’s more of this sort of thing:

But the star of Deliverance remains undeterred. And, therefore, in summation:

“[M]y fellow Americans, let us stand in her glory — the glory of a nation that has been restored with the greatest president, Donald Trump.”



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