Friday Night, Bernie Gave His Own State of the Union: Our Society is Racist, 'From Top to Bottom.' Rico Suave?

[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]

[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]



Personally, I found Friday night’s Democratic debate grotesque.

Perhaps some may say this characterizes every debate, but I saw virtually no substance.


Each topic was tossed to a panel of 7 as a bone over which to fight.

To me, it felt no different than this:

Striped pool balls…go!

“I like stripes!”

“I love stripes!”

“I’d give my life for stripes!”

“I hate solids!”

“I wish solids had never been born!”

“I’m solid myself, and I despise me!”

It seemed the subject wouldn’t have mattered; it all would’ve gone the same way.

It left me with the thought of, “Why would anyone anywhere care about that?”

In my view, a better idea for candidates: Show what your actual workable plans are, and prove they’re superior to other people’s.

Instead, here we are — with an article online covering “candidates fighting over who has more of the black vote.”


But Bernie Sanders interrupted that melee to bottomline America.

Here’s his long-and-short:

“We have a racist society, from top to bottom.”

Nothin’ beats concision.

Amid impeachment-tainted Biden — who previously claimed he’s so cool with black people that he’s not even uncomfortable around them — arguing with hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, who believes he’s more experienced than Mayor Pete…Bernie ran down America.

In more ways than one:

“We have a racist society, from top to bottom — impacting healthcare, housing, criminal justice, education, you name it. And clearly, this is an issue that must be dealt with. But in terms of criminal justice, what we have got to do is understand the system is broken, is racist. We invest in our young people, in jobs and education. Not more jails and incarceration. We end the war on drugs, which has disproportionately impacted African-Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans. We end private prisons and detention centers in America.”


Denouncing racism is a great thing, and you’ll have your own views as to whether each of those points immaculately bullets the bullseye.

But purely strategically speaking, I offer a trio of observations:

1. If you’re saying everybody’s racist, and then you specify that the victims are black people, Latinos, and American Indians, I assume (perhaps mistakenly) that the racists are the white people. That may not be the best way to get elected in America — a country where the majority of voters are white. Generally, so far as I can tell, the key to winning over voters — aka people — isn’t insulting them. Deplorables, anyone?

2. If you’re saying the system is racist, and you’ve been a state representative for 16 years and a national Congressman for 13, you are the system. Therefore, you’re a broker of systemic racism.

3. According to you (Bern), in a system you’ve led for 29 years, you’ve failed to fix it. How would you, then, fix it in 4? And why?

It’s a bear of a burden for people running for president who’ve been in office for decades: If they haven’t solved all the problems they’re calling out already, why trust ’em now? Have they just been choosing to let everything be crap ’til tonight?

That was a huge advantage for Trump: He came in fresh, so people gave him a shot.

To me, the only shot coming from Sanders above is one to the foot.


Am I right? What’s your analysis?

Was it–

Let me know.

Not that I’ll listen, though — a big chunk of y’all are a buncha racists.



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