Can We Take a Sickle to the Unrelenting Dumbness of Comparing Trump to Hitler? Joe Biden Tells an Iowa Supporter It's 'Profound'

Can We Take a Sickle to the Unrelenting Dumbness of Comparing Trump to Hitler? Joe Biden Tells an Iowa Supporter It's 'Profound'
[Screenshot from Washington Free Beacon,]

[Screenshot from Washington Free Beacon,]



On Monday, Joe Biden took a question from the crowd at an Iowa campaign event that was, well, ridiculous.

Here’s what Kathy From the Crowd was wondering:

“Today is the 75th anniversary of the Holo– liberating Auschwitz’s prisoners. And what can we do, given what Donald Trump is doing at the border with those children who are incarcerated, so that they don’t go out and experience the stigmatization that so many Jewish people and gypsies and Romans did in Europe. It’s so important, particularly when anti-Semitism in the United States is on the rise again, and it’s frightening. We’re living in the 30’s again, in so many ways. Thank you.”

Oh, boy. Let’s break it down:

First of all, the Clinton-era Flores Settlement — combined with the actions of a Democratic Congress and a ruling by the left-wing 9th Circuit of Appeals — resulted in family separation.

It wasn’t Trump’s creation.

After much criticism that strangely wasn’t applied during Obama’s tenure, #45 wrote an executive order which gave Dems what they appeared to want: everyone being locked up together when adults tried to sneak across the border with kids helplessly in tow.

Secondly, how would Mexicans — of whom there are many millions in the United States — face the “stigmatization that so many Jewish people and gypsies and Romans” experienced nearly 100 years ago on the other side of the world in response to racial genocide? The situation at the border solely involves anyone who tries to break immigration law.

Additionally, in the search for anti-Semitism, the Trump camp might not be the first place to eyeball.

The Washington Free Beacon puts it this way:

The Democratic Party has faced increased scrutiny over the last year for anti-Semitic scandals, prompting the House of Representatives to pass a resolution last March condemning anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric, understood as a response to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D., Minn.) comment that supporters of Israel were being paid off.

Furthermore, as for the assertion that we’re “living in the 30’s again,” I’ll respond:

No. We’re not.

And, incidentally, concerning the mass murder of Jews, we weren’t “living in the 30’s” even in the 30’s. Germany was.

But if she wants to take a look at the comeback of relics from the Nazi era, how about those goofily goose stepping National Socialists’ much-loved economic system?

Heard of it lately? It ain’t comin’ from Ted Cruz.

Anyway, here’s how Joe characterized the moonbat question:

“That’s a really profound question.”

No. It isn’t.

As just a dude with a mic, he should’ve replied with, “That makes absolutely no sense. Next?”



But as a politician, he’s gotta really think on his feet: How can he pretend it’s a valid point, compliment his supporter, and use the query as a springboard for sockin’ it to his opponent while virtue signaling like a huge goob?

He came up with this:

“Look (watch the wheels turn…), I was raised by a Catholic dad the Jewish community would call a ‘righteous Christian.’ We…had dinner at my house where we talked, we had conversation and incidentally ate. My dad would come home and then go back and close up the business he managed after dinner. We always ate dinner together. And my dad used to talk about — he was a student of the Holocaust. He couldn’t understand how we could’ve not not responded to Hitler earlier. How we could’ve kept the ship off shore and not let them come. How we did not bomb the railroad tracks…”

I appreciate the effort, but I gotta give the improv a D minus. He’s gonna have to snazz it up.

“And so, one of the things that I, uh, there’s a phrase in the Jewish community, which is ‘Never again.’ ‘Never again’ meaning, ‘We’ll never allow this to ever happen again’. But it is happening.”

He’s ventured into the deep water. Gutsy.

“In other parts of the world — and it’s not just, in this case, it’s not just Jews now — but in America, they’re being victimized.

Where’s he going with this? And who is “they,” if it’s “not just the Jews”?

“There’s been more attacks on synagogues and on Jewish…houses of worship than any time in American history since this man’s become President of the United States.”

Okay. But aren’t there also more attacks on Christian houses of worship, too?

And again, Republicans are extremely pro-Israel.

Oh well, everybody tried.

And flopped.

So goes the trail to victory.



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