Can Somebody Gong This Guy? Virginia Legislator Trumpeting Gun Control Illustrates His Humiliating Cluelessness About Guns (Video)

[Screenshot, cropped, from Jon Lareau,]

[Screenshot, cropped, from Jon Lareau,]



Why would anyone talk about guns without knowing…about…guns?


That seems to be a necessary question every time I see someone on television — be it media members or elected officials — firing off about firearms.

Well, you know that whole dustup in Virginia over whether the 2nd Amendment is baloney?

Here’s a view into some of the political expertise goin’ on ’round there:

As reported by The Daily Wire, at a town hall on Saturday, Democratic Delegate Mark Levine was asked to define “assault weapon.”

He first pointed to the assault weapons ban of ’94, which — as per Mark — was a tremendous success.

But according to the Jerry Lee Center of Criminology (as submitted to the Department of Justice), it didn’t do squat:

“Should it be renewed, the ban’s effects on gun violence are likely to be small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement.”

That’d make sense, given that rifles are rarely used in crime and that criminals don’t care about laws.

Next, I’ll let TDW describe Mark’s shooting lesson:

Levine then mimics someone holding a “rifle” used for hunting and claims mass shooters don’t want to use weapons like that because “someone could hit the rifle butt against their head – deer don’t do this, elk don’t do this, but humans trying to save their lives do this.”

Too bad he hasn’t had the 11 seconds required to learn that the AR-15’s the best-selling hunting rifle in America.


He then mimicked what he claimed mass shooters like to use. His body language suggested he was using a fully automatic weapon (he twisted at the hips like he was in some old gangster movie). Fully automatic weapons are not used in mass shootings because they’ve been banned since 1986. Democrats and their media allies like to claim “semi-automatic” is virtually the same as fully automatic, but they’re not. A fully automatic weapon means it reloads and fires repeatedly with one trigger pull. Semi-automatic weapons fire one round per trigger pull.



My favorite line from Mr. Levine:

“Mass shooters don’t like things that go like this.”

Not wholly ungooberlike.

Mark then claimed the mass shooter in Dayton was able to fire “some 75 rounds in less than 30 seconds, shooting 40-odd people while the police were right there.” That was inaccurate — he managed to get off 41 shots.

Furthermore, as pointed out by TDW, the only reason the murderer was capable of wounding so many so quickly was that he’d illegally modified his gun.

Finally, Mark laid out a few features of those dadgum war weapons:

  • A pistol grip
  • A bayonet mount
  • A weapon weighing more than 50 ounces when not loaded

I thought we’re supposed to fear the AR-15 because it’s light?

In the end, he got this reaction from The Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski:

Tweeter J Stewart responded:

And former cop Terry made me hungry:


If complete cluelessness makes you lose your appetite, avoid the video above.

I’ll give him this, though: At least the guy’s got a kung-fu grip on the USA’s future warfare technological titan: the bayonet.

No fighting foe shall stop us!



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