CNN's Van Jones Calls It Right Again: The Debate Stunk, and Trump is Set to Crush His Opponent

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[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]



So how’d you like Tuesday night’s debate?

See any Trump-threatening skill?


CNN’s Van Jones didn’t.

He said as much during a group discussion after the circus — I mean, civil arguments between people vying for the nation’s top position.

Van’s got a gift for concision:

“Tonight, for me, was dispiriting.”

Among the crappiness: Bernie and Elizabeth’s “vitriol.”

Here’s a reminder:

She’d already shaken Tom’s hand. And she immediately shook Pete’s.

Here’s more of — as Whoopi Goldberg put it — “Mom and dad…fightin’.”

Seems like she didn’t “try” hard enough when it was over.

It’s hard to watch everyone fight.

Just kidding. It’s incredibly easy: This is the time it happens — people who previously acted like friends now turn on each other.

It’s the only time we get to see — to this degree — the real nature of politics.

Van thought it was pitiful.

And, in his view, there’s nothing on that stage that can pose a threat to Donald “The Animal” Trump:

“Democrats need to do better than what we saw tonight. Nothing I saw tonight would be able to take Donald Trump out — and I want to see a Democrat in the White House.”

BET founder Bob Johnson thinks the same, although for perhaps a different reason.


In November, he made that clear to CNBC:

“I think what the Democrats have to do is to be careful not to get caught up in stylistic Trump, and more substantive Trump. … I do not see anybody in the Democratic primary races today that is enough in the center — where I believe most of the voters are…”

Also where they are: sitting on the couch watching Van Jones say this:

“Are any of these people prepared for what Donald Trump is going to do to us? And to see further division tonight is very dispiriting.”

They may not be prepared, but it’s coming nonetheless. And it’s not gonna be pretty.



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