Colin Kaepernick is Anti-Capitalism. And Colin Kaepernick is Celebrating the Success of His Capitalism

[Screenshot from Colin Kaepernick via Twitter,]

[Screenshot from Colin Kaepernick via Twitter,]



Sometimes I wonder if anyone knows the meaning of “capitalism.” I constantly see people railing against it, but I never see any acknowledgement of what it is.


One guy who’s wary of the ability to own your own business: former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.

As reported by The Daily Wire, Colin began December with a warning against the dreaded economic system, and he’s wrapping up the last month of the year by engaging in it.

On December 4th, the athlete retweeted a quote from Black Panther Party Illinois Chairman Fred Hampton:

“With no education you’ll have neo-colonialism instead of colonialism…and before you know it, they’ll [Black folks] be capitalist, and before you know it we’ll have Negro-Imperialist.”

Do people end up starting their own business due to “no education”?

Regardless, Colin’s come upon an unusual way of downing non-government-monopoly business: promoting his shoe line.

Here we go:


The venture is donating to charities Colin says will “fight systemic oppression”:

It’s a little curious, given the common criticism of shoe manufacturers:

Putting that aside, I respect Colin for trying to do something good; but his effort is a promotion of capitalism, not the opposite.

Good things can be done, if you have capitalism: You can go into business, make money, and donate the earnings to the causes in which you believe.

That is capitalism, with philanthropy.

I don’t understand why there exists anyone fighting for a system which disallows them to do that.

Capitalism is the ability to help those you care about, in the ways you believe will best assist them (not to mention the fact that it drives down prices via the free market, which helps most of all the poor).


That message would make sense with Colin’s efforts. And it’s a message people who haven’t bothered to look up the term could use.



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