Biological Male Sues Miss Oregon Pageant for Rejection on the Basis of Not Being 'Woman Enough'

[Screenshot from Mic via Twitter, cropped and reframed,]

[Screenshot from Mic via Twitter, cropped and reframed,]



A biological male identifying as a woman wants to be Miss Oregon, but the pageant has eliminated that possibility. Therefore, the hopeful queen is suing the United States of America Pageants.


The lawsuit claims discrimination, and “unspecified monetary damages” are being sought.

It is, of course, discrimination, as exclusion always is. But may a privately-owned business differentiate between males and females?

Anita Noelle Green apparently thinks No.

Anita wants to continue toward evening-wear glory: As reported by The Associated Press, the aspiring contestant already holds the title of 2019 Miss Earth Elite Oregon.

And in September 2017, Anita vied for Miss Montana but didn’t quite take home the tiara.

Having already strutted with the gals in mountain country, Anita was perhaps caught off guard when Oregon effected a roadblock to the stage.

The suit was filed Tuesday in Portland’s U.S. District Court.

Though United States of America Pageants operates out of Nevada (and isn’t associated with Miss Montana, to be clear), Anita’s insisting it must adhere to Oregon’s public accommodation law.

And Anita — to be clear — was recruited.

The Oregonian notes that, according to the complaint, a rep from the pageant contacted Green on Facebook with encouragement to give it a go. But once the organization gleaned genetic particulars, they issued a stamp of disapproval.

Here are the pageant’s current stated eligibility requirements:

1. Is at least 29 years of age or older.
2. Is a U.S. citizen or has been granted Permanent Residency by the United States. Is a resident, works, or goes to school in the state they are competing.
3. Is a natural born female.
4. Has never posed nude in film or print media.
5. Is single, divorced, widowed, with or without children.


The suit contends participation in the pageant “affirms” Anita’s “identity as a woman. Furthermore, it bolsters a “sense of femininity and beauty,’’ creates confidence, makes way for a platform to be an example for others.

Anita wants to be heard.

Thankfully,the Miss Earth pageant, as per its website, allows Anita to “to be a voice for environmental responsibility, while featuring these beauties for a cause in fashion, media and leadership opportunities.”

Here’s the language from the lawsuit:

“Defendant’s ‘natural born female’ policy is not only unlawful, but it sends a hurtful and false message to transgender women that they are not women. Pageants that operate in Oregon must comply with Oregon law and may not discriminate on the basis of gender-identity. We hope that Miss United States of America, LLC (pageants) follow other pageants, like the Miss Universe pageant, and take this opportunity to do the right thing and revoke their discriminatory ban on transgender women competing in their pageants.”

As relayed by Willamette Week, Anita views validation as only fair:


“I felt as though I was being invalidated. I felt as though the organization was saying I am not a woman and I’m not woman enough. … This is about justice and it’s about righting a wrong. No matter what anyone thinks about pageants, trans women should have the choice to compete just like anyone else.”



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