Great News for the Future of America: Joe Biden Promises to Eradicate Standardized Testing in Schools

[Screenshot from Tom Elliott via Twitter,]

[Screenshot from Tom Elliott via Twitter,



Our schools have been infiltrated. Quality education has taken a back seat. What once was a powerful American institution has been betrayed by propaganda. And it’s time we eliminate the affliction that has no proper place in houses of learning.


I’m talking, of course, about standardized testing.

If you agree, you may consider a vote for Biden: On Saturday, he committed to 86’ing that most out-of-place schoolhouse scourge — tests — from America’s fine scholastic system.

At MSNBC’s Public Education Forum 2020, a woman in the crowd claimed standardized testing was “rooted in a history of racism and eugenics.” Therefore, she said, Joe should chuck it.

Here’s how she laid it out:

“Teaching has changed drastically over the last 10 to 20 years. Instead of being allowed to use their expertise to develop engaging curricula that’s culturally responsive, teachers are often forced to use a scripted curriculum that rushes children through without giving them enough time to really understand the material.”

Personally, one of the things I find most striking in political and cultural debate is when someone portrays the past as something it never was, in order to contrast it with the present, which they want to change.

Take, for example, Alyssa Milano’s video here; she appears to suggest that, since the formation of the country, borders have been open. And now, the current administration is trying to revolutionize America.

Similarly outstanding to me is the idea that — 20 years ago — teachers were more “culturally responsive.”

The woman — who was representing “the Bad*ss Teachers Association” —  continued:


“Given that standardized testing is rooted in a history of racism and eugenics, if you are elected president, will you commit to ending the use of standardizing testing in public schools?”

I like this lady — “given that.” The ol’ Jedi mind trick.

And it worked.

Here’s the former vice president’s reply — and remember, this is SuperWoke Biden, the man who claimed he was so progressive, he wasn’t even uncomfortable around black people (here). Furthermore, he’s been sure to let you know that many illegal immigrants are more American than are Americans (here).

Answer the teacher, Joe; and reference a black friend (and point out the fact that they’re black) if ya can:

“Yes. As one of my friends and black pastors I’ve spent a lot of time with, Rev. Herring, would say: You’re preaching to the choir, kid. Okay?”

Nicely done. And let’s get those tests outta here.

Just let everybody do what they want:

“Because look, that’s why teachers — teachers should be able to determine the curricula in their school. I’m not being nice. I’m not trying to be nice. There’s some lousy teachers out there, okay? There’s lousy politicians. There’s lousy senators. There’s lousy doctors. I’m not saying every teacher is a great teacher. What I am saying is: You know what it takes to communicate to a child what in fact they need to now.”

Right. There are lousy senators and lousy politicians. But “school” should just be left up to whatever each teacher wants it to be.


That’s how we crank out braniacs.

Look out, China, we’re comin’ for ya. Us, and all our education, which is whatever it was for each of us, depending on whatever each teacher in each school felt like making it. We may not all know the same stuff, but if you put 40 or 50 of us together, I guarantee you we can cover a prit-tee good bit of ground.

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